Christmas Cleaning: The correct way to clean a house

is a magical time of the year. However, before you can sit back and
enjoy the holiday festivities, there is one dreaded task you need to
tackle – cleaning the house! With friends and family constantly
coming and going, it is important to ensure your home is clean and
tidy at all times. The good news is, there are

plenty of tips that can help you to cut your cleaning time in half,
leaving more time to relax and enjoy the festive atmosphere. The same
tips can be used when it comes to tackling the post-Christmas clean
up too!


Step One: Have a plan



might sound a bit drastic, but creating a cleaning plan can really
help to simplify and keep track of what you’ve done. You can also
ensure you give the home a deep clean, marking each task that needs
doing in every room. Focus on one room at a time and tick the list
off as you go. It gives you real motivation to carry on once you see
how much progress you are making.


Two: Ensure you have the right equipment


you haven’t done a deep clean for quite a while, ensure you have
adequate equipment and cleaning supplies available. There are a lot
of specialist cleaners out there that can help you with everything
from dusting to wiping down the shower. Order from a reliable company
such as
which carries a wide range of cleaning products.


Three: Dusting


is one of the most important and boring cleaning tasks in the home.
It is easier to regularly dust than it is to do it once a month or
so. Daily dusting takes a lot less time as you aren’t giving the
dust a chance to build up. In preparation for the Christmas season,
make sure you move everything and dust underneath or behind them.
It’s amazing how much of a difference this can make.


Four: Make space for new things


you have children, they will no doubt be receiving a lot of new toys
this Christmas. To avoid clutter, start making room for new toys by
getting rid of the old. As mentioned on NetMums,
you can take them to a charity shop or sell them on sites such as



Five: Keep on top of small jobs

order to make Christmas cleaning a much easier task, it helps if you
take care of small jobs every day. Make sure you clean up any spills
immediately after they occur. This will increase the chances of the
stain coming out. You should also quickly clean toilets and hand
basins, as well as empty rubbish and sweep or vacuum floors on a
daily basis.

you keep on top of your daily cleaning, you shouldn’t find it too
difficult to keep up throughout Christmas. Making sure you’re using
the right products will make the job a lot easier. The key is to be
organised. Don’t tackle all of the jobs yourself. Get the family to
help or better still, pay somebody who could desperately use some
money to come and help you. After all, Christmas is the season of
good will!

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