Christmas gift guide for 1 year olds – Our top gifts

Christmas is hard enough to manage without wondering if your buying the right gift for your niece, Nephew, Grandson or Grandaughter.
With Harry having just turned 1 here is my guide to what we are loving and playing with most.  Great valued items which are unisex and will last.
Diddicar walk n ride:
Didicar Walk n ride, gift ideas for 1 year olds

We reviewed this item a few months back, you can see that review here.
Harry still uses this on a daily basis and is extremely fast on it now.
Well made and easy to put together, this comes in many colours and is suitable for children aged 9 months to 3 years.
Priced at £39.95 available from
You can Harry in action in our video here:
Buzzing Brain Busy Discovery Home from Kiddicare:
Buzzing Brain Busy Discovery Home, gift ideas for 1 year olds
Yes it may be a dolls house but it doesn’t mean Boys won’t love it too. This is Harry’s current favourite toy at the moment. 
It is amazing and one of the best Birthday presents Harry received, even Emmy tries to play with it. 
The Buzzing Brain Busy Discovery Home is an interactive dolls house for little ones, it features 4 rooms – Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen/front room and a bath room.  There are stairs inside the house as well as a garden with play features.
Nearly all of this house makes noises of some kind – the dog barks, door bell works, the lights turn on, babies mobile works, the toilet works, telephone rings, the rubber duck in the bath quacks, the squirrel runs up the tree and it does SO much more. 
It also comes with a boy and a girl to live in the house, a TV and a chair.
This is Harry’s go to toy at the moment, he received it from Kiddicare as a gift and we have gone on to buy another of these for our cousin’s daughter’s 1st birthday (she is 16 days younger than Harry).
You can find these in the Kiddicare 342 toy sale currently instore and online, they are priced at £29.99 and we highly recommend.
Tomy bath Pirate Ship:
Tomy Bath Pirate Ship, gift ideas for 1 year olds

Harry received this as a Birthday present from his Aunt and Uncle. 

As soon as it was unwrapped both Emmy and Harry took it upstairs and got into the bath and they have both loved it since.

It obviously suits Harry who has a forced love of Pirates as that’s how I decorated his bedroom and he now has a few pirate themed toys.

It comes with a pirate ship, a small boat and a pirate.

Pirate Jake can climb the mast, fire his water canon or add water to the water wheel.  The octopus is a water squirter which is Emmy’s favourite part of this toy as she can squirt Harry with is and Jake can walk the plank and take a swim in the bath or into his small boat.

This has made my two loove their baths again as well as have Harry in fits of giggles when we shout “Walk the plank you scurvy pirate” and make him splash into the bath.

Priced at only £16.99, the pirate bath ship is available from

Laugh & Learn Dance and Play Puppy:

Laugh & Learn Dance and Play Puppy, Fisher Price, gift ideas for 1 year olds

We reviewed this lovely puppy from Fisher Price a little while ago and Harry was initially scared by him – however after a few weeks he loved it.
Now Harry has learnt to press all buttons himself (the large ones on the feet) and he gets over excited and dances when the Dance and Play Puppy is singing to him. 
This is an educational toy which helps children to learn their letters, numbers, body parts, songs and much more.  He is adorable.
This is available from many retailers and costs around £41.99
Rollipop Roller Ball Run:
Rollipop Roller Ball Run, gift ideas for 1 year olds
This was an additional gift which I bought Harry for his birthday.
A toddlers version of the much loved marble run.
Brightly coloured, study and fun. It comes with 5 large balls, perfect for little hands.  It helps teach motor skills and hand/eye co-ordination.
This was purchased on Amazon for only £9.99 and would make a great present for Christmas for any little one.

 Natures Natalie Organic Ragdoll:

Natures Natalie, gift ideas for 1 year olds

Now if I was to add a doll to this gift guide you may automatically think of it as being a girl’s gift, however not in my house.  My children share the dolls.

Harry loves to push Emmy’s dolls pram around the house, so much so I had to give Emmy her Silver Cross dolls pram early, it was put away for Christmas however fights were occurring over the one we had.  Now there are two they are happy.

To go with Harry’s dolls pram he was sent a Nature’s Natalie Ragdoll from Natures Purest and he loves her, infact she has to go to sleep in his cot with him.

Natures Natalie Ragdoll is a luxurious doll made from 100% organic cotton, even her clothing is organic and can be removed (luckily Harry is too young to work this out but Emmy noticed straight away).

She is priced at £25 and suitable from birth.  She comes beautifully packaged in a recycled gift box she is a perfect keepsake gift which will last for many years to come.

She is 34cm tall a perfect size to be loved and cuddled.  Any child would love this doll and while marketed for girls, Harry adores his doll!

I’m fed up with this mindset that boys play with cars and girls with dolls and as much as Paul was agains’t harry having dolls houses and dolls he sees just how much he loves them and can’t deny that Harry enjoys them.

Natures Natalie has recently won 2 Loved By Parents Awards:
Winner – Loved By Parents Award “Best Doll/Soft Toy” 2013
Silver – Loved By Parents Award “Best gift Under £50”

Musical Tambourine from Bee Smart £9.99

Harry loves to play music, he can often be found with a pot and a wooden spoon in his hand so he was delighted when he was sent a Tambourine meaning he can make as much noise as he likes without getting on Mummy’s nerves too much.
This durable wooden instrument comes beautifully packaged in a wooden box and can be added to at a later date by other instrument’s in the range all high quality, brightly painted and wooden. 


5 thoughts on “Christmas gift guide for 1 year olds – Our top gifts

  1. I love the look of the toddler's marble run. We might get one for 1-year-old Gwen, as Austin's getting a big-boy version for Christmas and I don't want her to feel left out!

  2. Thanks for linking up, some great ideas there, I love the didicar but my little man would be too big now. He'd love the ball run though. Thanks for linking up with my Christmas List Linky x

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