Christmas gift guide for 4 year olds

We’ve already shown you what Harry is loving currently in our Christmas gift guide for 1 year olds, now it’s Emmy’s turn to share what she is currently loving.

I will include a few videos in this guide as it’s the easiest way to show off some of the great features of these new toys and seeing for yourself will be better than me waffling on (I know I’m kind like that).

Barbie Feature Doll and Horse Pony Tale

Barbie has evolved since I was a child,  she looks the same and her pony is the same however technology has advanced and now her Pony can walk.

Barbie comes dressed for riding equipped with riding boots and hat. She can be placed onto the saddle of her Pony, you can put her feet into the stirrups and hand on the reins and she is ready to go.

Press the button on the front of the Ponies head and it walks taking Barbie for a ride.  Unsaddle Barbie and the real fun begins – she can train her Pony to walk, stop and bow.

Lift Barbie’s arm all the way up and the Pony will walk forward.  Put her arm half way down and the Pony will stop and when her arm is all the way down the Pony will bow. (Watch our video to see for yourselves)

Available from Asda Direct
– £40

Remote Control Robot

Not only for boys, we are all loving this toy!

This robot is programmable as well as remote controlled.

By pressing the buttons on his front you can programme him to move, fire & shoot foam discs. Just press the correct buttons to tell him what to do then press go.

Easier still (especially for Emmy) is to use the remote control.  This can make the robot dance, move, fire his gun or shoot foam discs from his belly (be warned they shoot out quickly and you’ll be searching for them).

 Emmy had a great morning shooting discs at her cousins,  aunt and uncle.

Lift the robots head up to replace the discs and your ready to go again.

This takes 6 AA batteries which aren’t included.

 They cost £39.99 and are available from

Turbo Tumblers Super Spinning Remote Control Cars

Cars are for boys? I don’t think so!  Emmy is happy to ditch the dolls to play with these, in fact she may even wrestle you for them.

We all had so much fun with these cars.  Usually Emmy can’t work these types of cars as she gets the stuck then she gets cross however these flip themselves over when stuck and are easy to control.

Crashing isn’t a problem either as they flip straight over and change direction for you. 

Each car takes 4 AA batteries and the controllers D batteries – these are not included.

Just watch to see how much fun we had.  These are available from and costs £29.99.

Doodle Mat and Placemats

Emmy gets bored while waiting for dinner to be served, as do many children of her age.  She was recently sent her own Doodle mat from Milly Green which has helped to keep her amused while I cool down her dinner or for when she has finished and has to stay at the table.

There are many choices from ballerinas to buses, animals to rocket ships – there is a design to suit every one.  This mat comes with a dry wipe black pen and a pen holder which you can place anywhere on the drawing board, we have placed Emmy’s at the top near the bow so it isn’t in the way of her plate or cutlery.

This is great for helping Emmy draw her shapes and for practicing writing her name.

Priced at £10.50 this is an affordable fun alternative to a placemat.

Glow Beads

Glow beads are beads which give the illusion of glowing when the light hits them.  Cute round beads form bracelets and necklaces perfect for adults and children.

Emmy received a friendship bracelet with 6mm beads in silver and red, this is too small for my large wrists so claimed by Emmy who loves it.  Priced at £8 these would look great layered with lots of different colours or perfect teacher presents or for Emmy’s friends.

Minnies Macaroon

Lastly on Emmy’s  wish list this Christmas is this beautiful hand crocheted Owl Hat for the cold weather, who could resist at only £11!

Secretly Harry is also eyeing up Thomas the Tank Engine too.

Photo Credit: Minnies Macaroon

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