Christmas Gift Guide – Gifts for 4+

I love shopping around for this age group it’s so easy to pick up lovely presents and I’m afraid this is probably my longest gift guide for that reason….I got a little carried away seeking out presents.
Some of these we have been sent and others I’ve picked up throughout the past few months.  I have lots of children of this age group to buy for and it’s so much fun.  Here you will find something to suit all budgets.


This Blo Pens set comes with 10 pens complete in their own deskstand to keep them all together, and come with one stencil.
These are easy to use:
The pen (cartridge) is stored the wrong way around, to use you need to remove the mouth piece & cartridge – turn the cartridge around and insert fully.  Then replace the mouth piece again.

To use the pen – put the tip of the pen close to the paper and blow into the mouth piece.

When finished make sure you turn the cartridge around again so it doesn’t dry up.
Priced at £9.99


Make a Bear – Tatty Teddy

This is a kit where you can make your own Tatty Teddy Bear. 

The kit comes complete with:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Easy to follow instruction book
  • Pre-cut felt shapes
  • Teddy Skin
  • Stuffing

Just stuff your own bear and sew together with love.  Make him his own hot water bottle and night cap and fill in his birth certificate.
Priced at £16.99 and available from Amazon, Very, Debenhams and a few other stockists

Barbie Malibu House

This is a toy I also wanted as a child and Emmy now adores too.  We recently reviewed this toy – you can read our full review here.

This house is HUGE but it does fold back into itself to make more compact when not being played with.

Complete with lots of accessories you (and the kids) will have hours of fun with this one and is a toy that will last.

Currently on offer on Amazon for £59.99

Jelly Fun – Jelly Slush Maker

Make & Mix jelly slush drinks in your own kitchen.  You can use and Jelly and Juice with this (not included).

Make slushy style drinks without the chill!

By using any jelly to fill the carousel, choose a flavour, turn the handle to make and serve your jelly slush.

You can even make gummies by using the gummy tray.
Priced at £17.99 and available from Argos, Toys r Us, Amazon and other stockists.

Remote Control Illuminated Moon

Bring the moon into your own room. The authentic moonscape shines moonlight just like the real moon. The remote controlled moon automatically scrolls through twelve illuminated lunar phases.
Manual function allows you to set your own moon to look just like the moon outside.

This detailed moon would make a stunning room accessory or would also make a unique night light for any bedroom. Auto shut-off to save battery life. Requires 4xAA & 2xAAA batteries.

Priced at £24.27 from Amazon
This is Play Doh with an edible difference – great for when little brothers (or sisters) want to play too.
Yummy Dough is mouldable & edible modelling dough.
It comes in sealed packets with 4 separate colours along with a measuring syringe for adding the water (think over sized children’s medicine syringe) and a spatula.
To make – pour the colour you require into the bucket it comes in (empty everything out first), fill the syringe with the correct amount of water and mix together, then knead into a ball.
Repeat will all colours.
Play, roll out, knead, shape and create – once you are finished bake in the oven, wait to cool then eat your creations.
Emmy has been playing around with this and loved trying to make cakes.
Emmy has a very bad habit of mixing all colours together and of course Harry was involved with some of these creations.  They both had a good fun afternoon though which matter more than the finished creations.
Priced at £6.95 available from Amazon.
Me & My World – I’m learning about Romans
Discover the magic within the bag.  I’m learning about Roman’s is just one set available from the Curriculum range ‘I’m learning about….’
It happens often, the kids will bring home a letter from School saying they need a costume for ….. day(well that depends on what they are learning at the time) and then you need to hunt around for one or as I have had to do at work in the past, throw a sheet around them and get out the needle and thread in a ditch attempt not to fail.
These sets provide all you need for these occasions with a costume and a book so you can help your child learn at home too.
The above set contains a Goddess outfit complete with head piece as well as an Usbourne history book.
There are 13 different sets within the I’m learning about range including Egyptians, Chinese new year, Vikings, Victorians and many more.
There are also career sets called ‘I want to be…’ – there are 11 sets available from Nurse to Astronaut, and there are also ‘I want to explore…’ sets available too.
The above set is priced at £19.99
Aimed at slightly older children this would suit 7+ year olds.
This book is brightly illustrated and eye catching too. 
Griselda the witch has been drinking too much evil spirit.  Boris her pet skull and the dim daft dwarves are fed up with being bullied by her.
They decide to form a punk rock band and seek fame and fortune.  But just before they leave for their 1st gig two of Griselda’s dead ancestors break out of their glass tanks beneath the ruined tower.  Fifi Viscomtesse de Grunch is very keen on dancing, her Husband Viscomte expresses his feelings towards Fifi’s dancing partners with a spanner.  Not surprisingly the boys’ father comes to regret dancing with her.  When Griselda arrives to reclaim her property (Boris and the Dwarves) things do not work out as expected. 
Priced at £7.77 from Amazon
These series of books are designed to teach children aged 5-10 years about different jobs.
Based in the highlands of Scotland, the stories are chatty and lighthearted – written through the eyes of the Mackenzie children as they meet real workers who explain their jobs.
Asking questions young children really want to know, complete with the answers from those who do that role.
Skye asks Richard the Vet “Do you mind having to stick your hand up the horse’s bottom?” – because lets face it every child wants to know that.  Richard replies “No, not at all.  I don’t think bout it.  It’s just something we need to do to find out what’s wrong with the horse”.
Also meet Fiona the Doctor, Joe the Fisherman, Papa the Stock Farmer, Sean the Actor & Gordon the Wildlife Filmmaker.  Priced at £7.99 each

Me to You Bears

There is a very cute and wide selection of these cute Blue nosed bears available – each Christmas I seem to add another to our collection.  Available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large and priced fro £10 upwards these are affordable and loveable stocking fillers to suit all ages – Pre-kids I started my collection for myself. – Available from Amazon and Clintons as well as other stockists, and of course there is a bear for all occasions not just for Christmas!

And why not a fun Christmas outfit too – Emmy has this awaiting her as her Christmas day outfit


Tatty Teddy Xmas – available from Tesco for £10 (you may have noticed the theme to some of Emmy’s presents this year – I can’t help myself I’ve a soft spot for the cute bear)
  • Disney Magical bath time mirror comes complete with 2 bath tints & 2 bath rings – Dip the magical mirror into the water and watch the icons disappear, bring the mirror out of the water and watch as they reappear. Wear the rings in the bath, dip them in water and watch the colours change.  For added glitz use the bath tint to add colour to the water (contains glitter too).
  • Fizzy bath tints are also available in a pack of 4 in a cute Cinderella shoe shape, with a hanging loop so could be hung on the Christmas tree as a present.
  • Juicy Lucy – Glittering Magic face cloth & bath tints.  A magical flowery face cloth which expands when added into water.  Use combined with the bath tints for a glittery bath time – great for getting kids into the bath.

    Available in all good supermarkets

I have lost track of the times Emmy has asked for her nails to be painted and I am happy to let her use nail polish, however it’s usually on a Sunday she asks or for a party…all good and well but she can’t wear it to school.  So I could paint them for a Saturday party but I would then need to remember to take it off again.  That’s a pain.
I hate the smell of nail polish remover and I often forget to do it until the mad rush on Monday morning.
For this reason I love this Snails nail varnish.
Snails kids nail polish is a water soluble nail polish – so once it has been applied you just need to wash your hand a few times for it to come off, perfect for changing colours quickly (as kids like to do) and for getting off quickly in time for school.
These polishes are free from Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalte (DBP), Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin, Parabens & Camphor
These are vailable in 26 vibrant colours.
Bagabook does exactly as the name suggests – it is a bag for your book!
Keep your books clean and tidy in stylish bags so you can carry them around with you and never loose your place.
Place the cover of your book inside the sleeves of the bag and keep your page with the bookmark.  Available in many colours and designs there is a bag to suit all, from leather ones for adults to cute horse designs which kids will love.
This is the Classic Junior Palena Bible and Book Cover and is priced at £24.95.  As well as holding your book this also has space for 6 crayons and has a zipped front compartment for holding valuables securely. 
Available from  There are also Kindle and E-Book covers as well as iPad and Tablet cases for sale.
Bagabook has kindly offered a 20% discount to Emmy’s Mummy readers – just enter code EM20 at checkout.
They are also offering a bag of your choice as a prize for one lucky reader.
Just fill in the Rafflecopter form below to enter – Giveaway ends at Midnight on 17th December 2014 – Good Luck

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Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post and I have included some affiliate links for convenience.
Prices all correct at time of posting

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