Christmas Gift Guide For the Kids plus Giveaway *Closed*

That’s it December is here, can you quite believe it?

Are you organised or madly about to rush around and curse yourselves when standing in line with hundreds of others looking for that must have present? I absolutely refuse to shop in store throughout December, I hate crowds so luckily I am finished (well almost) but those last few presents I haven’t got will be purchased online now.

I always sort the children’s gifts out early on as there are lots in the family to purchase for so here I am sharing things which will be wrapped under our tree this year and a few things which have come to my attention via press releases etc. throughout the year.  These are gifts for various ages.

For the past years I have written guides for Boys and Girls BUT this year I have combined them because now my children are 6 and 4 they happily play with toys together because toys are toys and children are children so I don’t think there should be a divide into categories. There are also gifts in this guide for all budgets – obviously I have spent more on the kids main gifts but there are cheaper stocking fillers here too.




Heeleys – £49.95

These have been top of Emmy’s Christmas list for the past few years and finally I think she is old enough to be safe on them without me having to hold her up constantly or worry about her spending most of her time on her bottom….well that’s the plan.

With lots of colours to choose from I have opted for Pink ones however she is so desperate for them that she would wear whatever the colour.

These are suitable for both beginners and the more advanced wearer with each shoe fitted with 2 wheels which is supposed to be best for developing confidence wearing these (which is good as Emmy have never tried). With a good grip to the trainer soles these are perfect for gripping all surfaces when not in skate mode.

Adjustable Rollerskates – £44.95

Top of Harry’s Christmas list as he has been wearing Emmy’s pink ones happily whenever she is in school.
With the children’s feet growing far too fast for my liking it was a relief to find that kids rollerskates come in adjustable sizes meaning they can be worn for longer and new ones wouldn’t be needed every 6 months unlike their school shoes etc.

These are adjustable over 4 different sizes from 8-11, 12-2 and 3-6.

I opted for high skates which come further up the ankle than others i have seen in the hopes it will support Harry’s ankle better should he fall over which is inevitable. With 4 wheels the same size and a front stopper/brake I am confident he will be whizzing around as quickly as Emmy does in hers before too long.

Anki Overdrive starter kit – £149.99

This is AMAZING – the children (and us adults) were sent a set to play with and it has been a HUGE hit amongst us all.

This a modern day Scaleletrix with a difference, almost a cross between Scaleletrix and Mario Kart.
The track can be configured in many different ways and fits together in seconds, a whole track will be set up in just minutes with no fiddly connections.

Instead of using traditional controllers for this game the cars are controlled via your smartphone or tablet by just downloading an app. Players go head to head to race around the track and not only do the cars race they also battle with weapons on their cars.  You can power up these from your device and the more you play the more weapons you gain and the better your car becomes. The cars also learnt the track you have built! They set off on a tester lap where they configure the track layout and they can also change lane mid-race which is great fun to try to run your opponent off the track.

New additions to the overdrive are the Supertrucks which are obviously much larger than the cars, these also have new weapons and exciting game modes which put players skills to the test.

The starter kit comes with all you need to start play including 2 cars and a charger which can fit up to 4 cars on at one time.  We have all loved playing with this one and it’s been a fight as to who’s turn it is next…..winner of course stays on 😉 – the kids have already wised up to which car Mummy and Daddy has when they play and they then want that one as it has learn and powered up its weapons.

Perfect for an after Christmas dinner family battle – you may want to purchase a couple more cars though as the charge only lasts 20 minutes, but this is more than enough for a couple of go.

Zinc E-Drift Electric Scooter from Halfords £89

This is one I am jealous of and is wrapped for my best friends kids and will come with the condition that Emmy and Harry are allowed to have a turn every now and then – they can fight over it as I’m not sure I could deal with the arguments in this house as to who’s turn it is next! Sorry in advance Ruth but I will remain favourite Auntie Clare!

Of course I’m not mean enough to keep it in the box so have already put together and charged it for the recommended 12 hours so it is ready to use on the big day, I am however left with the dilemma of how to wrap this – do I add a bow or attempt to wrap it up?

It has a twist and go throttle and a back footplate brake. With speeds of up to 8mph and a run time of 60 minutes they are set to have lots of fun with this.

Audio Beanie – £19.99 or Audio Ear Muffs – £19.99

These are perfect for this freezing cold weather and a great gift idea for a teenager who loves their music.

With removable headphones for washing, this can be connected to a phone, MP3 or iPod.  Listen to your favourite tunes while keeping warm and also hiding headphones away making them less visible (for possibly drowning out the noise of siblings on the walk home from school).

The Ear Muffs are perfect for those who don’t want to mess u their hair but want to stay warm at the same time!

The book of Everyone

A new book to the market which allows you to personalise for anyone but this is a book with a difference, it not only allows you to personalise it with a recipients name but also with who it is from, then throughout the book you can add your own inspirational quotes and messages.

While the images in the book remain unchangeable all text can be changed, personalised and make to you liking 100%.

Each page comes with pre-loaded inspirational messages which you can either leave as they are, change to personalise or just add your own quotes entirely. Add quotes or messages about being nice to siblings etc. for younger children or meaningful ones for older teens. The world is your oyster here. A gift that lasts forever.

Scriball – £10

For the football lover, a customisable mini football which comes with 4 pens, a pump and a stand to display your finished art work. Colour in your favourite colours, team colours or in a random pattern.

Play with, display or both.

Star Wars Virtual reality viewers – £15

A new Star Wars™ Virtual Reality ‘VR’ Viewer, available from Argos, Hamleys, Amazon and other retailers depending on the design you wan.

The new Star Wars™ virtual reality viewer is available in a range of designs including C-3PO, Darth Vader, BB-8, Storm Trooper and R2-D2.

These fit most smartphones inside and by downloading an app it allows users to explore virtual reality worlds in 3D with a full 360-degree view, watch films and videos or play games

Theatre Tickets

Always a popular choice in our household, I would love to take the children to see The Lion King, we are off to see Wicked tomorrow and they absolutely adored Charlie and the Chocolate Factory recently. You can read my full review here.

With Charlie and the Chocolate Factory nearing the end of its tour this is your very last chance to see it in London – The show closes on 7th January and tickets can be purchased from 

LeapFrog Epic Tablet – £119

The Epic Tablet from LeapFrog is suitable for children aged 3-9 years old.  An android tablet which grows with your child.

A one-of-a-kind, full featured tablet which delivers access to unique personalised learning experiences which auto-level with your child’s progress. With child safe browsing available from the first play which can be tailored to your child’s age and ability. The parental controls allow you to stay in control of what your child can access.

Children can design their very own animated and playable home screen which can be changed as often as they like, this home screen can also feature real time weather and clock as well as special daily surprise for them.

With a 7″ multi-touch capacitive screen and 16GB memory.

Hot Wheels DLF28 Track Builder System Stunt Kit Playset – £36.99

One Hot Wheels set which is set to bring hours of endless Hot Wheels stunting fun!

Kids can create and re-creating their Track Builder world with this lovely set which offers a variety of ways to play.  There is no set way to set up the track with this little set, your imagination is key – and of course it is compatible with other Hot Wheels sets too.

Experiment with how high you can go, how far you can jump, and how well you can aim to avoid a crash or if you are anything like my two you’ll want to make your car crash as often as possible!

Set includes a measuring stick (so kids can measure their performance and try to beat their own score!), launchers, crash intersections, measuring stick, a variety of orange track, targets, assorted connectors and much more! Test your skills or challenge your friends in the ultimate tests of stunts and timing!

High Seas ADDventure™ Addition Game – £15

For ages 5-9 year to help develop maths skills

Develop early addition skills as children are encouraged to make the number 10 using the cards.

It’s a mad dash to make ten and reach the treasure!
Develop children’s addition skills through game play as they make 10 with two or more numbers.
Players can only more forward when they are able to make 10.

Around the World with the Ingreedies book

A beautiful, brightly-coloured picture book full of fun facts, exciting recipes and food ideas for kids. Written by parents who understand what it’s like to feed fussy children, and packed with amusing illustrations, the book aims to make food from all over the world interesting and entertaining for kids so that the whole family can enjoy cooking and eating together. The book helps kids to learn about spices, flavours and different food groups with simple recipes but is also hugely entertaining and fun.

Itty Bittys from Hallmark

These super cute plush toys are perfect for stocking fillers and are available in a variety of character options from various film and TV series including: The Wizard of Oz, Marvel, DC Comics, Scooby Doo, Star Wars and even Santa and Rudolph.

Whether you actually want to hand these over to the kids though is entirely up to you – you may just hid them away and collect them for yourselves!

Gears! Gears! Gears!® Pet Playland Building Set £33

A lovely set to get imaginations whirling, a very cute and creative wonderland for pets.

This set is great for helping children develop problem solving and critical thinking skills and they build their very own wonderland for their pets.

Inside the box you will find 83 pieces, including 32 gears, 5 bases, 2 ferris wheels, an aeroplane, a spinning teapot and 4 play characters.

With bright colours to spark creativity this set is also compatible with other gears sets.

Playmags – 3D Magnetic Tiles

These are building blocks with a modern twist. There are magnetics on all sides which means your buildings, shapes and models can stand up freely and come to like in 3D. Helping children to effortlessly learn through creative play and geometric shapes, symmetry, architecture and basic math concepts such as counting, adding and subtraction through manipulation of the colourful pieces.

To play you place the pieces together on a flat surface to make designs

Shoes and Bag from The Sparkle Club

Many little girls love dressing up and want to be like Mummy, I would always wear my Mums heels for dressing up and Emmy is the same.  The Sparkle Club offer adorable shoes, with or without mini heels, bags, purses and accessories to match.

They come in many different styles and colours so whether there is a wedding, christening, party or a just because day you will find something for your little princess.

Fuzzikins Craft Cottontail Cottage – £19.99

Fuzzikins are adorable flocked creature which you colour and design yourself before playing with them.

This adorable set comes with 2 very cute bunnies and a Cottontail Cottage which is a 3D playhouse which can be folded away for easy storage once you have finished playing with it.

Inside this set are all you need to decorate your new friends as well as their home

Giveaway Time

Interplay have very kindly given me a Fuzzikins Craft Cottontail Cottage to giveaway to one of you lovely readers.

For your chance to enter to win this lovely prize please enter via the rafflecopter form below.


This giveaway is open to UK entrants only and closes at Midnight on 9th December 2016.  Good Luck


Delivery in time for Christmas is NOT guaranteed but would make a lovely extra gift for after if it doesn’t arrive in time.


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