Christmas Gift Ideas for Children

Christmas gift guide 2018 for children

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There really isn’t long left until the big day now, but don’t panic if you haven’t completely finished your shopping – there is still time left, even if you prefer to order online as I do at this time of year. I’m not one for traipsing around the shops for hours on end and can’t deal with the crowds as I am claustrophobic.

I have finished all the children’s gifts and just need to find a few adults presents then the wrapping needs to be done – why I leave it to the last moment is beyond me, but I know I’m not alone.

Here I am sharing with you a selection of gifts for children to help those of you who still need a little inspiration.

Playmobil Aquarium – £49.99

This is a perfect gift for all children who love sea life and water, Playmobil is one of those toys which children never seem to tire of, mine still both love it even Emmy who is almost 9 years old.

The Playmobil Aquarium can be filled with water to ensure all the animals have enough space in which to swim. There is a viewing area with a rotating platform and a cave to watch all the animals swimming under the water. The performer is ready with her bucket of fish to show the crowds the seal performance with a ring to jump through and a ball to balance on their noses. The information board shows visitors the various feeding times, with a clock to show the current time with moving hands. Includes 3 Playmobil figures and lots of aquatic accessories.

This set is currently on offer on Amazon for £39.99 and you can buy add-ons to enlarge your set too including an adorable Penguin enclosure and an aquarium shop.

 Hornit Kids Helmets – £29.99

Bikes or scooters may well be on your child’s Christmas list but often one of the forgotten yet necessary items are kids helmets. An essential for keeping them safe while riding.

Mini Hornit helmets are a bit, no a LOT, cooler than most kids bike helmets! Painstakingly designed to look stylish & fun (or quietly understated in the case of Stealth!), they are fully adjustable, comfortable, lightweight and actually, something children will want to wear. They also feature an integrated LED light at the back of the helmet which is an added safety feature, useful for riding home after school in winter. Press the light to activate and press again to switch between the different light settings or turn off.

They are available in a wide variety of styles and colours so there really is something to suit everyone.

Super Wings – Jett’s Take Off Tower – £39.99

In the hit preschool series, Jett is a friendly, playful plane and very fast! He gets along with everyone at World Airport and loves to travel and deliver packages to kids around the world. When Jett’s missions run into trouble, Jett calls his best friends, the Super Wings!

Jett’s Takeoff Tower 2-in-1 playset transforms from 12” long Jett to over 23” long toy airport playset. Inside is an airport full of adventure just like the Super Wings show!

Press one button and Jett opens to reveal the ultimate World Airport playset for a world of adventures, or fold back up for on-the-go, portable play! Collect additional Pop ‘n Transform characters (sold separately) to have even more fun adventures.

Experience all of Jett’s adventures together! Recreate your favorite scenes from the show or use your imagination to create all new scenarios!

Available  from Amazon, Smyths, Entertainer, Tesco

Clementoni Mind Designer Robot from the Science Museum 

This innovative intelligent robot guides your children through the process of learning mathematics, arithmetic and geometry following government guidelines. It introduces your child to design using the precision motors which enable them to create geometric shapes and designs of varying complexity with extreme precision.

The robot can be programmed manually or by voice using the innovative voice recognition function. With the Arithmetic chart, Mind can be programmed to carry out arithmetical functions, while using the Escape Room chart, your child will be encouraged to solve quests and develop skills in logical thinking. Using the exclusive free App, your child can experiment with coding instruction blocks, create complex geometrical shapes and play with loads of original interactive code-games.

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, Mind’s content is permanently updatable for limitless playability! You can read our review here.

Boys Hugo Boss T-Shirt – Long sleeved t-shirt from £39

Harry is always keen to dress like Daddy and for special occasions he does like designer brands, however, these aren’t always affordable – especially with the rate that children grow. I swear I put them to bed and they grow a foot overnight.

A little while ago I was introduced to OD’s Designer Clothes Website. OD’s specialise in designer labels for all demographics; men, women and children. Here you can find everything from Calvin Klein, Swarovski to even the Boys Hugo Boss coat Harry was eyeing recently on a shopping trip.

I don’t often buy designer clothing for the children but every now and then I don’t mind and once they no longer fit I send them off to Treasure House, a company who sell pre-loved clothing, most of which is designer. By sending off my items I receive a credit to purchase other pre-loved designer wear for the kids.

Robo Alive T-Rex – £15

See this prehistoric beast roar into action as it strides forward whilst gnashing its powerful jaws. The Robo Alive Dino captures the dominating presence of the t-rex and brings it home with this awesome walking and roaring robot. Turn it on and watch it crash forward like the king of the dinosaurs.

The level of details throughout is amazing, especially its eyes that have a very glossy almost lifelike reptilian sheen to them. Available from

Don’t forget the batteries for this one – it requires 2 x AAA

Harry Potter Light Painting Wand – £30

Bring your drawings to life on your screen with this Light painting wand. Use the wand to draw shapes in the air and with the aid of an app you can see your creations appear on the screen before your eyes.

Take up the beautiful holly handle of Harry Potter’s wand and relive some of the most magical moments from the legendary films! This beautiful replica features a light-up tip that can be used to trace shapes in the air that show up when you use the included digital app for iOS and Android devices. Draw a beautiful patronus charm in the air, recreate a dramatic wand battle from the movies or even just write your initials – all of your movements will be recorded and displayed using the cool light painting app! It’s a must-have wand for fans of the Harry Potter series.

PJ Masks Save the City Track Set – £12.99

Embark on a PJ Masks adventure into the night to save the city by defeating the villains with this track set. Launch the cat-car with the pull-back elastic launcher and watch cat boy speed along the track smashing through the night Ninja splats, knocking Romeo’s robot spinning and launching Luna girl into the sky away from the city. Includes 1 x 3 die-cast PJ Masks hero vehicle. Suitable for 3+ years

Musical Jewellery Box – £16.99

This beautiful ballerina musical jewellery box is the perfect place to keep all your favourite jewellery and secrets safe.

Decorated with illustrations of adorable ballerinas and pink roses, this music jewellery box plays music from the ‘Swan Lake’ by Tchaikovsky. Wind up the music box, open the lid, and it will play the pretty music. Crank the box manually to play the lovely music from the ‘Swan Lake’ by Tchaikovsky. No batteries and no assembly required.

This ballerina jewellery box has plenty of different compartments to keep rings, charms, necklaces, and bracelets safe separately. The music jewellery box has a secret drawer at the bottom for extra special jewels.

Beasts of Balance – £69

A multi-award-winning connected stacking game for all ages which comes to life on your tablet, phone or TV. It takes skill and smarts to build a huge tower and keep your beasts alive, but watch out… the world explodes when the tower collapses! Play together in Co-op Mode or get ready to tussle in the all-new Battles Mode, and discover more than 600 beasts!

A mix between a skill game where you have to balance your characters on a stand which is connected to an app on your tablet, once balanced safely your creatures come to life on the screen – create your own creatures by breeding them.

The aim of the game is to keep all your creatures alive in their home (on the app) and to create as many different breeds as you can.

Emmy loves this game and plays it for hours at a time. Although it is app-enabled, having the physical pieces to play with too feels far less than a computer game and more a family board game. Play on your own or battle against opponents. You can read our full review here.

Disclaimer: This post contains a mix of items I have purchased for the children, review items and PR samples.

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