Christmas Mayhem

I can’t believe Christmas is actually over already.  It hardly feels like it ever began if I’m honest, this year hasn’t ‘felt’ like Christmas for us.

Like many people we uttered the words “Is it really Christmas eve?” as it really didn’t feel like it at the time and instead of spending a relaxing evening leaving Santa his goodies, putting the children to bed and putting all the presents under the tree then snuggling up under a blanket watching a movie with Paul as I usually do – we left Santa’s goodies and I started putting the kids to bed while Paul walked the dog….

Santa's treats,
Emmy is now at the age to get very excited and had already received a present from her Uncle, Aunt and cousins that evening so getting her to bed was a challenge, Harry decided that sleep was for wimps so wouldn’t sleep so I didn’t get back downstairs accompanied by Harry as I gave up trying until 9.10pm.  Presents under the tree was my next job however I discovered some which needed wrapping and then Paul returned back with the dog and a stray. 
He found a Westie Terrier running in the road near our house with no collar or tag so brought him home so we could call the RSPCA and re-unite him with his owners.  After several calls to different authorities all stating they had no wardens and passing us over to different people we gave up and headed to a local vets with him.  He couldn’t stay here as not only was it unfair on our dog, it was Christmas eve, we were busy and he kept cocking his leg up everything including all my clean washing (I was not happy).  I made up some posters and we put them up locally before we took him off.  All our details were taken but we haven’t heard whether he was reunited with his owners or not.
So, presents went under the tree at around midnight before we climbed into bed.  Harry decided to have an all-nighter so I bearly slept yet we all loved seeing Emmy’s face light-up when she saw all her presents under the tree (she twirled around and around shouting “oh my goodness” over and over again).
Mummy's little Santa, baby santa outfit, christmas dressing up,, christmas outfits

She loved it this year, opening all of her presents, Paul’s, mine and Harry’s. 

They were both spoilt, but not too much, and now I am yet again faced with a storage problem – Where do I keep it all?

Emmy has a home corner in our front room where all of her toys are stored and displayed so she can play with them, however where on earth do I now keep Harry’s?  Oh the joys.

Storage solutions very welcomed please.

We all had a great day and we are loving playing with all the presents – favourites were Emmy’s new Bike and a vet’s Kit (she keeps pretending to be Doc. McStuffins) and Harry’s new Skip Hop Play Gym won from a recent competition from Mother & Baby Magazine where I won the top 10 Christmas toys for baby’s aged 0-9 months (that really made my Christmas or I should say Harry’s Christmas – he is a very lucky boy!)
Skip Hop Activity Gym, play gym,
I hope you all enjoyed your Christmases.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Mayhem

  1. That sounds like my Christmas more or less. It didn't feel festive at all 🙁 although my eldest enjoyed all her pressies. I spent most of my day breastfeeding and hubby had to cook.hopefully next year it will be a bit better 😉

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