Christmas traditions made especially tasty with Lindt

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! And that excites me just as much as the children.

I’m such a big kid that I couldn’t wait to get the tree up and with the help of the kids we decorated it over the weekend.  Pre kids I was rather fussy over the tree, the decorations would be themed by colour and would all match.  Baubles would be evenly spaced and tinsel was replaced by strings of coordinating beads. It looks beautiful, but how boring is that?  I have enjoyed seeing just how excited the children get over the decorating, we’ve had bauble earrings, bead necklaces, paper chains EVERYWHERE, music blaring and we have honestly had so much fun.

It’s more fun these days to get the kids involved, they make some decorations themselves at school, at clubs and also at home with me and these have replaced all my delicate tree decorations.

A few weeks ago I received the most amazing hamper I have ever seen, it was a chocolate hamper, and not just any hamper a huge Lindt hamper.  We were asked to use the contents to help inspire us and to create some Christmas traditions, new and old.  With contents like this it was impossible not to be inspired.

The mini figures were my absolute favourite, the reindeers are adorable, there are also mini snowmen, Santa’s and even a Santa pulling a sleigh with teddies inside.
There was also a giant Santa which sadly had an accident en-route so it seemed perfect to use this to do some baking.

There are so many Christmas treats I love with a Yule log being very high on my favourites list, I have never tried to make one myself though so used this as a fantastic chance to try.  I’m afraid to say I wasn’t brave enough to let the kids make the sponge and did this myself when they were in bed, it was messy, I swore a lot but I did it – rolling it into shape was so hard, there must be an easy way or a knack but being my first time I haven’t learnt those yet.  I refused to picture my efforts either as there was a lot of mess and it wasn’t pretty.  However it didn’t matter as I then let the children loose with the Lindt chocolate to decorate our tea time treat.

We broke the chocolate into a bowl and then I melted it on the hob by heating a pan of water and putting the glass bowl with chocolate in inside the pan, continuous stirring was needed but the kids amused themselves with eating chocolate, I sifted some icing sugar into the chocolate and a little butter, and stirred some more.  The children then poured this over the log – they had so much fun, made so much mess and laughed loads.

Christmas cards were next on our list, we also always make our own Christmas cards for the immediate family and for the teachers and Emmy’s school friends.   I’ve found its best to start these towards the end of November and get a production line going so they are done in time, this year however Emmy has wanted to write her cards for her school friends first (with far too many in her class I buy these one), she has sat down quietly over a period of a few days and written them all. 

We have then added a special treat for her friends inside the envelopes – the mini figure chocolates are a perfect size for this.

Of course with it being almost Christmas it was time to whip up some Christmas Puddings with the children too, only neither of them like Christmas Pud so we made some with a difference.  We melted some more delicious chocolate down, added a little golden syrup and then mixed in cornflakes.  Mixed well, ate some and then spooned into the cake cases.  We then melted down some white chocolate and spooned onto the top, added silver balls and we had made Christmas puds the kids loved almost as much as they enjoyed licking the spoon after.
The last of our traditions is beginning for the first time today – Eddie the Elf has been sent from Santa to keep an eye on the kids this month, to make sure they remember to behave, to listen to Mummy and Daddy and to bring special treats and a little Elf magic throughout December.

He arrived while the kids are in bed, although we have spoken about him for a little while, the kids are yet to meet him.  He will be a fun companion and may even cause a little mischief – for now he comes baring gifts.

Thank you to Lindt for helping to create some wonderful Christmas spirit and traditions in our household.

We have also donated a lot or our chocolate to our local food Bank in time for Christmas 

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