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Harry is at that inbetween age currently – just turned 4 he loves all the TV shows which Emmy watches (she is almost 7) yet when she is in school all day he loves nothing more than choosing the younger shows and channels and of course he sings and learns traditional Nursery Rhymes at school.

ChuChu TV is the home to animated performances of the well-known nursery rhymes which younger children know and love, as well as other children’s songs. Based over on YouTube it currently has over a million subscribers and counting, popular with younger children.

It aims to show positive messages  through entertaining songs and animation.

With rhymes such as ‘Chubby Cheeks’ and ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ promoting the value of sharing and helping others while other rhymes such as ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’ helping to highlight the importance of exercise for young children.

With 92 videos for your children to enjoy there will be lots to keep them happy and entertained while at the same time helps to educate them too.

Each video has been created in-house by a team who are child focused, most of which have children themselves.

The videos are all unique with different artwork and animation in each video.

The traditional rhymes have all been added to and contain new and extra verses to them.

Aimed at pre-school and younger children these are catchy enough to get children dancing and singing along to them without being too repetitive.

As well as nursery rhymes and kids songs, they also have a channel for surprise egg openings – these of course are very popular with older children.¬† This one is completely different as it is a animated channel where the animated eggs are opened to reveal different vehicle’s, colours and vegetables. Inside each coloured egg is something to do with that videos channel and it teaches children the use for that item.

You can find ChuChu surprise egg videos here.

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