Cinema Date – Despicable Me 2 – Film Review

Despicable Me 2 sweeties, Bazooka Candy, review,

A few weeks ago we were chosen as film reviewers by Bazooka Candy

We were given Cineworld voucher codes to go and see Despicable Me 2, we chose Emmy’s last school day to go as a special treat and to cheer her up as she was leaving some of her friends and her teachers to go to Nursery in September.  We left Harry with his fairy Godmother and took Emmy’s best friend Jamie with us.

Despicable Me 2, is obviously a follow on to the very funny original but would it live up to it’s predecessor?

Armed with a bag full of the newest Bazooka Candy Despicable Me 2 treats we set off to find out.

What is the plot of the film?
This film sees the return of the lovable villain Gru and his adorable girls with their Minion minders.  Gru is intent on a crime free life and continuing his parenting duties, but wouldn’t that be boring?

Head hunted and recruited he sets up undercover in a shopping mall to catch a new villain in town.  We see Gru and his partner Lucy working in a cupcake shop trying hard (and failing often) not to blow their cover.

With twists and turns added in, all is not plan sailing, things don’t go to plan and we also see Gru falling in love much to his surprise.

This film can be seen in 2D or 3D (we saw it in 2D)

Despicable Me 2 sweeties, Bazooka Candy, review,, minions

What did the kids think?
Emmy kept giggling at the minions and dancing around to any music in the film, she kept giggling when they kept blowing raspberries and saying she wanted one at home – those loveable yellow guys were definitely her favourites.

Jamie was giggling throughout, he was a little more reserved than Emmy and sat still throughout, he did fall asleep towards the end but it had been a very busy day for him.  When asked what he liked best he replied “All of it, it was great”  

Kids score: 5/5

Adult’s verdict?
Not as good as the first however enjoyable for a kids film, with hidden jokes added in to entertain the older audience it was nice to see the kids enjoying themselves. 

Too predicable for my liking however I am often disappointed my sequel movies and this wasn’t an exception to that rule.  Kids will enjoy this though so a good summer movie.

Adults score: 3/5

Thanks to Bazooka Candy for providing our tickets and our movie sweets – these brought back childhood memories for me as my favourites always were push pops and ring pops, the kids enjoyed them too – a treat as it’s not something I usually allow at home

Despicable Me 2 sweeties, Bazooka Candy, review,

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I confess to stealing most of the kids sweeties!!

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