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Emmy starts Pre-School on the 6th September and has been excitedly talking about getting “New School Shoes” for ages now.  Now I know at the age of 2 and a half she doesn’t actually need School shoes as such, however being a Nanny she has seen me take the children I look after to be fitted for ‘special school shoes’ and this is what she wanted and I’m very keen for her to settle quickly into her new school, and if special school shoes will help – I won’t deny her that (not that I deny her much if I’m honest).

As we needed to get her ‘fitting’ done in the school holidays we booked in-store in advance, so when we arrived I just informed the desk and was seen straight away, always good when shopping with a toddler!

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Presented with a wide range of choice – Emmy was in her element – she has gained my love of Shoes and happily pointed to a few she wanted to try on.  We had no problems keeping her still enough to try out a few pairs, she happily hopped down again and strutted her stuff in the chosen few pairs before coming back to try more on.

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Too much choice for a little girl
We had a huge choice of shoes in the new back to school range, black leather, patent, vercro, lace ups, those with a slight heel (for older children) and even those with lights in.
Of course Emmy chose patent light up ones – who wouldn’t aged 2? Having said that if they made them in my size I could/would be tempted!  The fantastic thing about these new light up shoes though is the new on/off switch on them.  Discreetly hidden at the side of the shoe next to the Velcro is a button which when pressed turns off the flashing lights – so if your child chooses these for school and the school doesn’t allow the lighted shoe option you can turn them off and use them only for home or parties (and save the batteries too).

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Emmy has jumped in shoe size since she was last measured about 3 months ago from a 6.5 F to a 7.5 F, I’m hoping they won’t grow again for another few months at least so we get plenty of wear out of her new shoes. 

She chose the Trixi Chic Inf pair which have a T-Bar design and pretty flowers on as well as having the on/off flashing lights.  She loves them. They cost £30 and will be used for school wear as well as parties and at the moment – everyday wear as I can’t get her to take them off! She finds them very comfy and they clean up well too.

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