Clarks Spring/Summer collection review

Emmy is a girl after my own heart and LOVES shoes, well what girl wouldn’t – I have actually lost count of the number of shoes she has had since we first had here feet measured at Clarks way back on the 13th November 2010 (I do remember the date as we have a memento of that day – a lovely picture of Emmy in her first shoes taken and dated by the lovely staff)

Children’s feet grow at an alarming rate and I’m often unaware of this happening until I try to put Emmy’s shoes on only to realise that once again over night she has had a growth spurt and her shoes are getting tight.  I now try to at least get her feet measured every 6 weeks as I know they grow so quickly.

We recently visited Clarks at Brookfield Farm in Cheshunt to pick out a new pair of shoes for Emmy – we were choosing from their new Spring/Summer collection – and I have to say I really wish they fitted me, they are really cute – very girlie and very summery too.  Perfect for the Spring/Summer dresses to re-appear.

Firstly, Emmy was carefully measured to check her shoe sizing and low and behold she had gone up a shoe size again and was now a 6 1/2 F – last time we had her feet checked she was a 6, no wonder she didn’t want to wear her shoes.

Then we chose a new pair – well when I say we I obviously mean Emmy!! She is in charge after all, besides she is the one who will be wearing them all the time.

There was a lovely choice to choose from:

She tried on a few pairs – I did however rule out the cute White ones (Rita Shine Fst) as I know my daughter all too well and her love of muddy puddles.

Once Emmy had the cutest red shoes on she took off across the shop and refused to take them off – I knew I would have a battle on my hands so these were the ones we left the shop wearing! There was no way she was putting her boots back on after that. 

We chose the ElodieLove Fst which were £28 and Emmy just loves them.

You can just see the back of the shoes here as Emmy took of at great speed once in them.

A close up of the shoe, much easier to see the detailing when not worn by a speeding toddler.
Don’t tell Emmy’s Daddy – but I may just have to add these shoes to Emmy’s collection ready for the party season, how cute are they?
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