Classroom Stationery Essentials

There’s nothing like going back to school confident that you’re in charge and well equipped. And while it’s up to you to set your classroom rules and devise those killer lesson plans that will engage and motivate all your pupils, a well-organised desk stocked with stationery essentials is the perfect back up for every eventuality. In this post sponsored by Springboard Supplies, we take a look at some of those key pieces no classroom can be without…

Get Organised

However experienced a teacher you are, there’s no substitute for excellent preparation and classroom organisation. Files, dividers and plastic pockets are all basic essentials for any organised teacher, allowing you to file lesson plans and paperwork for easy access. When you need to transfer marking and documents between home and school, colourful plastic wallets are ideal for keeping everything protected from the elements.

Don’t forget to add an organiser to your desk, that way you’ll always have those small-scale essentials like paper clips and staples, glue sticks and push pins at your fingertips. And pop in a pack of Post-It notes because they’re perfect for capturing all those great ideas you have when teaching – and if you choose an interesting shape like a speech bubble or arrow, you can incorporate them into classroom activities, too.

Make Your Mark

No teachers essential stationery kit should be without markers. Equip yourself with a pack of highlighters, extra whiteboard pens and some fine line permanent markers and you’ll be ready for every eventuality. Whether you need to highlight an outstanding phrase or sentence, underline in bold or stick to a marking scheme, a selection of pens is one essential that no teacher should ever be without.

Be Prepared With Paper

Equip your classroom with a range of paper from plain white to brightly coloured and you’re ready to stand the test of a busy day in the classroom and pass with flying colours! Create collage projects, colourful posters, even origami shapes, or snap photos of your favourite classroom projects and create a gallery when you print them out on high-quality paper. If you find you print out or copy a high number of activity sheets and assignments then affordable copier paper can make your budget stretch as far as possible.

Don’t forget to add graph paper and lined paper for those everyday classroom tasks, while envelopes are another key ingredient in your stationery cupboard for sending home letters to parents. Speaking of which, did you know you can get creative with envelopes, too? Place interesting stickers and a writing prompt on the front of several envelopes, then ask your pupils to respond with a story that they then pop inside for you to mark later.

Make It Last

Investing in a laminator is a savvy choice for the well-equipped classroom. There are endless uses for this handy piece of equipment, from creating reusable letter and number tracing cards to protecting your pupils’ best artwork. The ideal choice for teachers who want to create reusable learning aids and enhance their pupils’ achievements, a quality laminator will last through several projects. Choose one that’s capable of using thicker pouches for longer lasting and robust learning aids, and if you intend to create posters and signs make sure your laminator is sized to handle them.

Recognition And Reward

No classroom is complete without stickers and reward charts, stampers to mark great work and certificates for outstanding achievement. Children connect with objects that make their achievements real, and nothing motivates younger children like earning a new sticker.

Equip yourself with the essentials on this list and you’ll create a classroom that’s organised, creative and prepared to deal with whatever the school day throws at you!


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