Cleaning the Cleaners!!

White goods…we all have them.  They are essential to our everyday lives.
We all moan about them when they go wrong but do we actually look after them?
I know I don’t!
The washing machine washes our clothes, it’s used daily, sometimes more.  I pretty much always use the same setting each time and the same washing detergent and fabric softener.
It works well, most of the time, except for when it eats Harry’s socks and blocks the filter.  Then it makes a silly noise and stops draining.
Apart from that it’s the most used appliance in this house, yet I have never cleaned it!
It’s not a job I would have thought about, I mean it fills with water so washes itself right?  
I was recently sent some Dr Beckmann Service-it products so thought it as it was a well over due job I should crack on straight away.  

Service-it washing machine cleaner  (£2.99)
Using was so easy it was just a case of pulling out the detergent draw and soaking in a solution of 50ml liquid and 4 litres of water for half an hour.
Then replacing and pouring the rest of the liquid into the drawer, and turning onto a normal wash of 60 degrees, obviously with no clothes inside.
It’s that simple.  I actually have no idea why I’ve not done this before.
It makes sense that it would need a clean – the amount of soiled clothes and worse which goes through the machine.
It now actually even looks cleaner and smells fresh again.
Now for the dishwashers turn, all that food whishing around the machine daily can’t leave it very clean.
I started with the service-it power descaler (£3.05).  I live in a hard water area but stupidly I never remember to use the water softening tablets.
There is limescale on the elements and it’s very visible which will eventually lead to trouble.  The descaler was also easy to use, pour one sachet over the floor of the dishwasher (avoiding the drain) then pour the second sachet into the drawer, adding the excess onto the floor. Turn on and leave to do it’s magic.
Before the descaler
Now this didn’t remover all the limescale but it had a good try and I will do again in a few weeks time.  It does make the dishwasher smell strange – kind of like a burnt smell so after I followed with a deep cleaner dishwasher cleaner (£2.99),  this is just as easy as for the washing machine – wipe around the seals with the wet wipe and pour the granules into the drawer and onto the floor of the dishwasher.  Turn on and leave alone.
It now smells fresh and clean.
These are jobs I have never done before but all three are recommended for every two months or after 30 uses.
I certainly will be adding to my calendar and replenishing stocks ready to do again.
Have you ever deep cleaned your appliances?
Disclaimer:  We were sent these items for the purpose of an honest review,  all thoughts are our own

17 thoughts on “Cleaning the Cleaners!!

  1. I've never done this but it definitely needs it! I must say it does looks sparkly clean so maybe I'll invest in some.x

  2. Our washing machine stinks, it's like a sour smell so I will actually now be going to buy this product. Thank you. Not a bad price too.

  3. I have never even thought of cleaning my washing machine properly – I occasionally give the drawer a wipe if it needs it but that's as far as I go. These look like great products, I will have to look into them.

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