New Year Cleaning Tips: The Correct Way To Clean An Oven

Cleaning your oven
doesn’t need to be time consuming and there are numerous methods
for tackling it. If you’ve used this appliance excessively over the
Christmas season for preparing the turkey and other festive treats,
the New Year is the perfect time to give your oven some care and
Variations on a
You can always get your cleaning supplies from Click Cleaning for some professional cleaning products or you can even look in your store cupboard for some alternative methods. The Daily
has an article explaining how you can use
standard household products such as lemon, fruit or salt to help you
with the never ending task of cleaning your home. Why not use what
you have at hand for the basic jobs and turn to professional products
when the situation arises? Just remember that you never want to
scratch your oven when you are cleaning it.
Eco friendly oven
Many people these days
are looking for a greener way of cleaning. The Mumsnet
has some simple but amazing eco-friendly
techniques to clean your home, including your oven and kitchen
utensils. Removing grease from your oven door can be done by making a
paste of Sodium Bicarbonate which you then spread across the glass
door, once you have done this pour on some white wine vinegar and
wipe with a damp cloth, this will remove any surface grease and stop
a thick build up.
Prevent spillages
and splashes
When you are going to
use your oven and want to try to prevent any grease or food dropping
onto the base, then start placing a layer of foil or a Teflon sheet –
which is specially designed for this purpose and can be cleaned and
reused – under the bottom tray of your oven. This will save you the
energy needed for scrubbing the oven’s base and will only need a
quick wipe after each use. The Good
website also has some basic facts
regarding the cleaning of cookers and ovens using non-toxic
Taking care when
cleaning your oven’s interior
Cleaning your oven may
be one of the worst jobs in the kitchen but if you wipe it out after
each use you will cut down on the amount of grime that will build up
on the sides and therefore prevent the oven smoking when you start to
cook. Read the instruction manual before applying any chemicals to
your oven’s surfaces. When you’re cleaning out the oven you
should be very careful when using strong cleaners, if you leave them
on too long it is possible to damage the elements or thermostat which
can cause the oven to stop working.
Cleaning safely
Using cleaners of any
kind can be hazardous, so make sure you have plenty of ventilation
while carrying out the job in hand. Wearing gloves is also a good
idea and having all your cleaning agents and cloths ready so that you
don’t have to keep stopping will also help. Prevention is always
better than cure so cleaning out the oven and hob on a regular basis
will save you having to scrub like mad once a year.



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