Club Petz Bianca Interactive Cat Review

Bianca Petz Cat review

For years Emmy has been BEGGING and pleading for a cat of her own. She’s always been met with the same answer NO.

We have a dog and he really doesn’t like cats at all, it would be mean to even consider it. Paul also dislikes cats. I’d of course love one, I’ve always wanted one myself but we’ve always had dogs at home.

So went the opportunity arose to receive a Bianca Cat for review I pounced at it almost literally.  I knew it would be an instant hit with Emmy.

I was actually wrong, she played with it once or twice but it was clear nothing would replace her want of the real thing. Harry on the other hand who also has a love for cats has taken a real shine to this toy and I often find him stroking her and playing with her.

Bianca cat is an interactive toy which is as life like as an interactive pet could possibly be, with soft white fur and over sized blue eyes, pink ears and a large white fluffy tail. She comes with a pink ball and a bowed collar.

She behaves just like a real kitten and turns her head from side to side when you call her! She purrs when you stroke her back, plays with her ball of wool while humming a sweet song, if you hold the ball in front of her she walks forwards and if ignored she will try to get your attention by purring just like a real cat.

As with real pets you have to be careful with her though, squeeze her paw too hard or stroke her too hard and she will hiss and show her dislike.

The more you play with her the happier she is and the more she will made purring and singing noises.

Harry is really smitten with this new pet and tries to tuck her up into bed beside him and of course I am loving the lack of having to feed it and of course no litter trays to clean out is a real bonus.

Priced at £44.99 I can see this being a huge hit for the kids this Christmas – and of course is far cheaper than the real thing! Available from Amazon, Smyths and all good retailers.

Disclaimer: We received this item in exchange for this post


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