Combating teething naturally #Review

Never one to do things slowly, Harry’s teeth started popping through at a fast rate.
Two popped through together, then another 4 and now he has 9 at the age of 11 months.
The first 2 caused him lots of pain and discomfort.  He cried, he was off his food, there was blood,  loads of dribble and sleepless nights.
I hate teething!
Harry was sent an Amber Anklet from Love Amber X this is obviously worn around the ankle so it is close to the skin. 
The idea is to keep this on and only take off for bath and swimming times.
Harry hardly notices this is on.  It doesn’t bother him at all and doesn’t try to take it off.
I knew these were good as Emmy had a necklace version when she was younger.
Harry has now cut another 7 teeth and not really been bothered by them. His gums have bled, he has dribbled more and been off his bottles due to sore gums but no crying through the pain which has been great and his nights haven’t been as disturbed (he has had a few sleepless nights)
They work to an extent – they don’t fully take away the pain however it is definitely less noticeable when he wears this.

Love Amber X, teething anklet


Harry was sent a Raw Honey Amber Anklet.  Raw Honey is the strongest Amber you can buy.  Harry wears am 18″ anklet as he has chubby legs.  These look cute on too and if it means I am able to give him less Calpol and use less Bonjela then I love it!
You can buy these in a variety of colours and sizes from

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  1. I swearrrrrrrr by these! 🙂 my DD got her first 2 bottom teeth at 3 and abit months… at 9 months shes got 8 and she cut 4 in 10 days… Put this on and never noticed her 8th tooth came through… worth every penny x

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