Come Wean With Me – First stage weaning # 1 First tastes – Fruits

This post has taken a while to write, I planned to add new recipes as and when we tried them – however life got in the way and time past too quickly.

We are now onto our second stage of weaning and experimenting with lumps and textures.

Here are some of the foods Harry has enjoyed, tried and disliked too – I am adding cooking instructions too incase you need/want them.  I will start with fruits and our next Come Wean With Me post will cover vegetables and move through first tastes to second stage weaning.

I use a microwave steamer as that’s the only steamer I have and it is also very quick and to freeze I use an ounce sized pot or an ice-cube tray.

To start with I introduced breakfast first, an hour or so after his morning milk feed – I started with morning meals as it gave the longest amount of time to notice if he had a reaction to these new foods.

Steamed Apple (6 portions – can be frozen)
2 medium apples, peeled, cored and diced/chopped
2 tbsp water

Steam for 6-8 minutes in the microwave then puree until all lumps are removed.
Once cooled spoon into portions, serve or freeze.

2 pears (4-5portions – can be frozen)
1-2 tbsp water (unless ripe then no water is needed)

Steam for 4-5 minutes
(if very ripe or for older babies I just puree without steaming)

Mash well with a fork – Do NOT freeze

Papaya (4-6 portions, can be frozen)
1 papaya
Remove the skin, cut in half and de-seed, chop and puree

Half an avocado with the skin and stone removed – mash with a fork – Do NOT freeze

We also uses baby rice as a meal on its own or mixed with a combination of some of the above fruits with a small amount of his normal milk
– Apple & baby rice
– Pear & baby rice
– Papaya & baby rice

I used Harry’s milk to change the consistancy of his foods if they were too thick, so by adding a small amount of milk to his banana it gave a running consitancy which he enjoyed.

Mixing some of the incredients together also gives a different taste and gives you another meal option
Apple & Pear
Banana & Avocado
Apple, Pear & Banana

Harry enjoys his food in general – his favourites from the above list are Pear & Banana’s, he tolerates Papaya only when mixed with baby rice and really didn’t like Avocado.

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