Common Mistakes to Avoid when Installing Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Installing a vinyl floor is easier than other types of floor and it’s also faster because it does not require the removal of the subfloor. Despite that, you still need to be cautious about installing it as if you make mistakes, and it could damage the vinyl permanently.

Incorrect alignment of tiles

This is quite a problem in older homes and the worst part is you will not notice the wrong alignment until you finish the installation. It does not mean you cannot use the vinyl floor anymore, but it will certainly not look as great as you expected. Just imagine if the tiles do not align with the walls – they will look weird and you’ll not appreciate the final appearance.

Mismatching of tiles

Installing vinyl tiles can be quite a mundane task. It seems exciting at first, but it can make you feel bored in no time, especially when you are placing tiles in a large room; you might even feel dizzy looking at the same tiles over and over again. It could be exciting if you have alternating patterns, but it could quickly go wrong as you might not notice the mismatching of tiles. Paying close attention to every tile could help solve this problem.

Uneven base

An uneven base could make the final output look terrible and therefore you need to check the base first before starting the installation process. Pay close attention to areas that transition from one room to another, as even the slightest difference in the base level could impact the results.

Too much adhesive

You also need to know how much adhesive luxury vinyl flooring requires as if you put a lot, it can seep through the cracks. Removing the adhesive from the vinyl tile flooring could be challenging. Conversely, if you put too little of it in one area, it could lead to ridges in the flooring so you need to understand the recommendations of the manufacturer first, regarding the amount of adhesive required for each tile. Make sure to read the instructions first before you begin. You may also try it with one tile and see if you got the amount right, just in case.  

Seek help

If you’re saving money and you decide to do the installation yourself, it’s okay, but if you want a professional outcome, you will need help from experts. Hiring people who have been doing this job for a long time is an excellent idea since they will make sure that everything looks perfect and will also redo the process if you do not feel satisfied, or if there are areas that do not look even. Also, it does not cost a lot to pay professionals to do the job as it is not like regular tile installation or hardwood flooring installation which are both quite complex.


Now that you understand how vinyl tile installation works, it is time to begin searching for the best vinyl tiles to use in your house. Do not settle for low-quality and cheap tiles since they might not last a long time; remember to find quality brands that are waterproof and durable.  

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