Competition to win 1 of 2 Non-Contact Themometers

We recently played with and reviewed a Non-Contact Thermometer from Syner-Med Direct.  This is a new thermometer which will eventually be replacing the in-ear sytle thermometers within the NHS as it uses advanced infared technology so is quicker, easier and more hygenic than the in-ear style ones.  I use mine all the time!

Here is what Syner-Med Direct say about their Thermometer:

No Tears, No Tantrums, Just Accuracy! The new Syner-Med
VeraTemp™ Non-Contact Thermometer is more convenient and highly accurate
compared to traditional methods of reading temperature. It is a trauma-free way
to record a child or patients temperature, simply aim the thermometer 5-8cm from
the forehead and click for an instant reading. There is no need to wake or
disturb a sleeping child; and the backlit LED display is convenient for reading
temperatures in dark areas.

As part of our Anniversary celebrations Syner-Med have kindly given me 2 VeraTemp Thermometers worth £36.95 each to give away to my lovely readers.  These will be available to buy in shops soon.

To enter this competition to win one of these Themometers please fill in the Rafflecopter form below.

This competition will end at Midnight on 22nd January.  Good luck everyone.

The answers to the question can be found on our review post or on the Syner-Med Direct website.


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