Competition to win with Zoflora – Meet one of the judges, Wink Wink!!

12 steps to a Germ-Free Christmas with Zoflora!

Are you ready for Christmas? Starting today you can celebrate the festive period with a great countdown over on the Zoflora Facebook page. 

During the 12-day countdown Zoflora will present their top tips for a germ-free Christmas, rewarding the best tips suggested by the Facebook community with a bottle of their new Limited Edition Warm Cinnamon fragrance.

What do you need to do?  Head over to Zoflora Facebook page and leave a tip under the daily picture.

Here is today’s picture giving you an idea of what tips they are looking for today:

12 days starts with one of the biggest challenges – de-cluttering your home to make room for festive supplies.  Clear out essential kitchen cupboards and gradually work your way through the house – how about getting rid of those unused Christmas decorations instead of putting them back again?

Each day a new picture will be added for you to add your cleaning tips to, the competition will then close at 11.59pm that evening with the winners announced the following day before midday.  All tips left must start “My Top to be considered is….”

Example entry:

‘My top tip to de-clutter the home at Christmas is to remove any old food jars from kitchen cupboards to make room for fresh ones’
Entrants should submit one tip per day: users leaving multiple tips on one day will not be considered.

Why am I bringing this to you? Firstly because I love the smell of the Zoflora products and since writing my review of their products I am completely converted and that is the only disinfectant you will now find in my house and secondly because I am helping to Judge this competition!!

There are also 2 other judges for this competition, these are:

Rebecca McLuckie who blogs over at Two Become Four – Mummy to troublesome twin toddlers Jasper & Tilly.
Helen  Jessup who blogs over at The Crazy Kitchen – Mummy to 3 children aged 10, 8 & 2 years.

We all look forward to reading through your daily tips and are open to bribery in the form of Chocolate or Wine – Only Kidding!! 

Good Luck everyone.

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