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When I was younger Lego was for boys….the horror! I loved Lego.  Now you can get Lego friends sets which is obviously geared at girls being pink and all that.
There were also loads of construction type kits for boys, Mechano being just one example.
It was rather stereotypical even back then…..and no I’m not that old only mid 30’s!  Girls had Barbie’s and boys construction toys.  I got it. It didn’t bother me, Mechano didn’t really interest me. It was boring.
Now, I bring my kids up knowing they can play with whichever toys they like….Harry is often seen with a Doll and a Buggy and Emmy Lego sets but I also get that these sets don’t interest her much.
GoldieBlox recently sent some of their new girls construction sets for Emmy to play with.  She is a girlie girl and they were an instant hit.  These are award-winning toys from the US which have recently landed in the UK! 
They are construction toys which teach basic engineering and building concepts to girls in a fun way.
By following the story and the diagrams you can build a parade float, dunk tank and a spinning machine.
Emmy was instantly engaged. She could see from the off she was making and how to get to the finished result in a few basic steps
Review, GoldieBlox, Parade Float
Each set features an interactive toy, containing a book series and construction set, which encourages kids to build in the context of a narrative. The stories feature Goldie, a girl inventor who solves problems by building simple machines.
These kits are great fun and the feature the cutest animal characters which bring alive the toys too!
GoldieBlox, Spinning Machine, Review
Created by engineer and entrepreneur Debbie Sterling, GoldieBlox aims to introduce engineering concepts to girls at an early age, providing them with more options and spawning a movement to disrupt pink toy aisles everywhere. 
GoldieBlox Dunk Tank, Review,
I really love this idea and the sets are wonderful too.  Emmy adores them and it wasn’t long before she was trying to create her own ideas using the sets.
These sets are now available from Amazon and Hobbycraft

Disclaimer:  We were sent these sets for the purpose of this review, all thoughts are our own and unbiased.


6 thoughts on “Construction sets with a difference – GoldieBlox

  1. This looks like a great construction set, and of course kids should play with whatever toy they want. I was in the hospital play room with Molly not long ago and a little boy wanted to push the pink pushchair around and the mum said "you can't play with that, its for girls!" I felt horrified that she is teaching her child in that way. I think there should be more toys that should be gender neutral colours, George asked for a sewing machine, must be because he sees mummy sewing and when I tweeted the company, the only design they did was pink with flowers. So frustrating!

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