Cooking Christmas Dinner this year? Need help with timings?

Can I make a confession?

I have only ever cooked a full Christmas dinner twice! and that was when it was just Paul and I.

This year we are having Christmas dinner with my in-laws at their house, there will be Paul’s Mum and Dad, Both his Brother’s, our sister in law and baby nephew, as well as us 4.

A lot of mouths to feed!

Luckily for us, Paul’s Mum is an amazing cook, however this year her health isn’t the best – she is still undergoing Chemotherapy for secondary cancer and tires easily.  I plan to help with the cooking as much as she will let me, and then we will force her to sit down and shout out the directions.

To help me out Waitrose have sent a personalised cooking guide cooking guide with timings of what needs cooking and when.  They have chosen a Christmas movie which is long enough to keep everyone entertained which the dinner cooks and have even used parts of the film to guide me as to when the next part of dinner needs cooking in a fun way!

Waitrose have lots of helpful information on anything you should want to know to help buy, prepare and cook your Christmas turkeys on their website here
Disclaimer: Waitrose have provided me with my timed movie and family snacks to help make keep the boredom at bay and the kids (and adults) amused. 

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