Cornwall – Our favourite Staycation location

With the Summer holidays fast approaching our thoughts are once again with holidays and where to go, and for yet another year we have planned only staycations for our family breaks away.

Emmy has been asking when we are likely to go on an aeroplane for an adventure but for now I am more than happy with holidays in the UK, that’s not to say we won’t be taking them abroad but not this year. They have only had staycations and at the age of 7 and 4 they are more than happy with this.

For me, family holidays are about having adventures and making memories so the lure of a kids club doesn’t appeal and while all-inclusive food and drink in a far off resort or villa sounds very appealing to me I know it wouldn’t to my children.  They love their food but THEY LOVE THEIR FOOD, food they are used to and eat often, cooked the way they like it.

Emmy wouldn’t join in with kids clubs and while Harry would be happy to join in he would prefer she was with him, and there would be no point taking advantage of these facilities if one child wouldn’t use them as it wouldn’t give us adults any time alone anyway – so why bother?

I don’t feel they are missing out on anything because they know no different.  We have had lots of amazing adventures here in the UK and have yet more places to explore as a family.

Of course you can’t always guarantee the weather when holidaying in the UK but you learn to make the most of it.

Some days can be AMAZING – this was taken at Poldu Cove in Cornwall when we stayed at the end of August last year.

Poldhu Cove, Cornish Beach
Poldhu Cove

Every year we have taken the children to stay in our favourite UK location – Cornwall. This is somewhere we love to visit and we’ve been going yearly since before we had the children. Paul’s Dad is originally from Cornwall so we love to visit the family we have there and Paul loves to show the kids all the places he used to visit as a child on his family holidays.

The pace of life if just so much different in Cornwall than it is here, everything feels so much more relaxed and of course all the fresh sea air always makes us sleep far better which of course is always an added bonus when the children lie-in.

We try to fit in new trips and places to visit when we go to make each trip fun for everyone, on our last trip we managed to visit 4 different beaches, the kids tried paddle boarding for the first time, they went to Flambards which is a kids theme park twice as our tickets were valid for 2 days meaning we could return in the week to watch the evening fireworks display which was amazing, we visited the Cornish Seal Sanctuary and the kids even tried their hand at jousting while visiting Pendennis Castle.

We also had a fantastic stay in Cornwall when Emmy was around 18 months old staying on a working farm Coombemill.

Paddle boards on the cornish beach
First try with the paddle board

We are now planning our next Cornish adventure for Harry’s birthday in October and looking at cottages in Cornwall and planning which places to visit next.

So far on my list are The Eden Project as although Paul and I have been previously, the children haven’t yet. Also I would love to try to book a nights stay at The Headland Hotel as a surprise for Emmy, the hotel was used to film Emmy’s favourite film – The Witches.

I have been browsing Clickstay in preparation for our next adventure

Do you have a favourite UK holiday destination?


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2 thoughts on “Cornwall – Our favourite Staycation location

  1. I am a massive fan of UK holidays 🙂 I think it’s very sad how many people automatically go abroad these days.

    I never went abroad as a child and we had some of the best holidays – Cornwall, Dorset and the Peak District. I think my favourite were the holidays we had at Longnor in the Peak District, but they were all fab locations.

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