Cosatto Giggle – a look at the seat

We have well and truely used our Cosatto Giggle now, I have shown you what’s in the box and I’ve looked at the carrycot and now I would like to show you the seat unit.

Cosatto state it is suitable for use from 6 months however as it has 3 recline positions including lay flat I have been able to use it comfortably with Harry (10 weeks) already – I do use with a separate newborn wedge inserted which I purchased separately elsewhere however as it isn’t entirely lay flat.

The seat is light weight 2.51kg making it very easy to lift on and off of the chassis and can be used in parent and world facing modes.  It comes with a cosy toes with is reversible in a 4 way option so you can easily change the look of this pushchair to suit your mood.

cosatto giggle seat unit reviewIn the back of the seat unit are 2 largish pockets which are great for holding your keys, phone, nappy wipes and a snack if you don’t want to take out your changing bag.

The seat unit can be reclined using the large Green press buttons on the side, you need to press both in at the same time and then recline or sit up again by pressing or pulling the frame, this can be tricky the first few times and you need to use both hands to do this

It attaches onto the chassis in the same way the carrycot does, by clipping it into the long posts located on the side of the frame.  To remove again you press in the buttons located under the Green ones used to recline – these are rather small so takes some getting used to and some practise.

I have been using the seat unit in parent facing mode with Harry in the fully reclined position and he seems to really like it – he keeps staring at the tree design of the hood and seems very comfortable.  The padded chest pads stop the straps from rubbing on his neck and he has plenty of room (well I should hope so as he is only 10 weeks old).


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The cosy toes makes it very padded and comfy for him however he is yet to fall asleep in it as he is too busy staring at the trees on the patterned hood.

He hood is large although wouldn’t be great in a heavy shower without the rain cover as doesn’t pull fully down. It can be put up and taken down almost silently so should he fall asleep it wouldn’t wake him up.

I have a problem with the seat when it comes to using with my daughter who is 2 years and 10 months, so not yet able to walk everywhere. The seat is narrow and not very deep so it will not accommodate Emmy comfortably.


Cosatto Giggle, Cosatto Giggle review,, cosatto giggle treet, treet, toddler in cosatto giggleCosatto Giggle, Cosatto Giggle review,, cosatto giggle treet, treet, toddler in the cosatto gigglecosatto giggle review - 2 and a half year old in seat


As you can see her feet are at the bottom of the cosy toes so over hang the foot rest and her head over shoots the top of the frame.  I had put her in the buggy so I could walk her to sleep however this wouldn’t happen as she wasn’t very comfy. She still has an afternoon nap daily so putting her in a buggy is a must for us as a family as I don’t have access to a car in the week and she needs to get to and from Nursery.
Now Emmy is tall however no taller than all her friends of the same age and can still fit into some aged 18-24 month old clothes and the rest are all aged 2-3 years.
While I love this buggy for Harry it isn’t as versatile as I had hoped as I can’t use it for occasional use with Emmy,
Disclaimer: We received this item in exchange for an honest review


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16 thoughts on “Cosatto Giggle – a look at the seat

  1. hi have just purchased the wave style & the carrycot seems very wobbly when clipped in , has anyone else had this with theirs ? bit worried …thanks

  2. Thanks – reassuring about carrycot and the fact that you pram is still ok. I'm just hoping ill be one of the lucky 1s. From what I hear, Watchdog r looking into the pram now
    Thanks again

  3. Hi, have you had any problems since writing this review with your pram. I have read so many complaints about front wheel snapping off and carry cot being very wobbly with baby in it. My baby is due in 4 weeks and I’m feeling apprehensive as I have this pram. I put the pram together last night and the carry cot tilts back and forward, not excessively but is this normal
    Thanks for you help

    1. Hi Karen
      I found the carry cot does tilt backwards and forwards slightly but I think its supposed to as it does this on all I've seen.
      No problems at all with the front or any of mine. Still going strong but I have heard that problem mentioned before.

      Good luck with the new baby

  4. im just about to buy the giggle but want to make sure my baby will get loads of use out of the carrycot would it be 3 or 6 months it would do..x

  5. Thankyou for this! My 10 week old hates not being able to see in the pram part of our giggle and being my first I was worried about putting her in the seat-going to get it now!!! I don't think that the carry cot would last to 6 months anyway, it's quite short in comparison
    Thankyou for the confidence

  6. I have just got the giggle in Treet and I think it's fantastic. I was too excited to leave it in the box so have been using it for my 3 year old (on the odd trip to town when I need to buy lots of shopping, Stroller baskets just don't cut it!) I have found it fantastic I don't find that the seat unit is too small at all. It's obvious he won't be in it for years but he still seems pretty comfy and it's fairly roomy. He's even managed to sleep in it. I had a sola in the past and found that seat unit tiny but a friend of mine said it was perfect for her almost 4 year old. Think it all depends on the child. My little boy is still in 12-18 month clothes so he is fairly small

  7. Dear Kerry,

    We are really sorry to hear about your experience with the Giggle stroller, this simply shouldn’t have happened and we would obviously like to resolve this with you immediately. We have checked our records and we cannot locate your details to get in touch with you. Please can you contact us on 0871 977 3900 and press option 1 or email us at, and we will get in touch. We look forward to speaking to you.

    Team Cosatto

  8. I really liked the look of the Cosatto Giggle and bought one for our first born with some money my gran had left me.
    It seemed to be ok at first but on only the 4th use it has broken. I haven't been using it much as advised to rest from the cesarean.

    We haven't been anywhere but on pavement with it.
    The front wheel collapsed as I was pushing it over a tarmac'd car park. The pram above collapsed with the frame and toppled to the ground. It was an extremely frightening experience for me and my two week old baby.

    This is a serious design flaw and Cosatto need to fix it. The wheel is clearly not strong enough and there is no safety feature if it fails.



    1. I'm very sorry to hear and see this – I will pass your comments onto Cosatto directly. Can I ask, have you spolen with them? recorded the problem with them?

    2. I have a 3 month old and this pram but fable design! For my 2 and a half year old who is in 3-4 year old and tall haha I just use a buggy board as there is no need for us to have two prams

  9. The only buggy that I have that fits in T is the P&T's I'm afriad. She has outgrown the Silver Cross and the Oh Baby Atlas she is at the top of the head – I am yet to find a cosy toes that she can use (she's 94cm tall and firmly in 2 – 3 year old clothes)

    1. I don't think it is unfair not to have the option for her. We have a Maclaren Stroller and it's been in the boot of the car untouched for 6 months now (our youngest is 3y 1m).

      Once Emmy reaches her 3rd birthday, you will likely never use it again, so I wouldn't worry about buying one for her.

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