Cottage Croquet Set review

We have kindly been sent a Croquet set from Garden games to review and as soon as it was unpacked the fun began in this house.

Our set is the Cottage Croquest set and includes:

  • 4 hardwood croquet mallets
  • 4 light weight wooden balls
  • Steel hoops
  • Winning post and rules

The set is for children aged 6+ however Emmy had no problems playing with it at all and loved every minute of it.

She easily managed to hold the mallet and even got the ball through the hoops with no problems at all and more importantly with no help at all – my clever little monkey.
It has fast become her favourite Emmy and Daddy activity and as she is so small she doesn’t mind if we don’t set it up properly for her she is just happy to play and have fun.

This is a set that will grow with us as a family and will be used lots in all weathers – we have played in the wind and cold so far, so I’m sure it will be greatly enjoyed come warmer weather.
Once packed away it is neatly contained within a zipped nylon bag which can easily be carried around and stored tidily away.  The cottage croquet set costs £84.99 and comes with a 1 year guarantee from

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