Could you pass your theory test again?

My Nephew is currently learning to drive and for his 18th Birthday present I gave him the money to sit his theory test. 

Now I passed mine back in 1997 when I started learning to drive, it was a case of sitting in a room with a sheet of paper and ticking the boxes of multiple choice questions.

I passed first time with flying colours, which is more than can be said for my driving tests – which took me 3 attempts annoyingly.

The theory has changed greatly since then with reaction tests added and the questions being a lot harder – so much so that when I saw a quiz posted up on Boo Roo and Tigger Too I had to give it a go – I’m rather embarrassed to say I failed.

How bad is that?  I’ve been driving since 1997 and it now looks like if I were to resit the theory part of the test again I may not pass.

Lets just hope I was having an off day and leave it at that?

Let’s see if you could pass it shall we?  Just fill in the quiz below and you’ve a chance to win a prize too – do let me know how you get on, and be honest!

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15 thoughts on “Could you pass your theory test again?

  1. awww i couldn't even take the test, for some reason this widget doest allow me to move on to the test and freezes on the info stage (it did it on another site too) 🙁 perhaps good since i would probably fail

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