Creamy Chicken Linguine with Basil & Home Grown Tomatoes

Emmy has loved growing our own vegetables and when planting them I made a point of picking some she doesn’t like to eat.
The reason for this was that by involving her in the whole process I hoped she may at least try them.
This week we harvest our first homegrown baby tomatoes and as I know Emmy doesn’t like them I tried adding them to a meal I know she likes instead.
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Creamy Chicken linguine with Basil & homegrown tomatoes.
450g Boneless Chicken
6oz Broccoli florets
275g Linguine
6oz Cherry Tomatoes
1/4 Pint Double Cream
1oz Butter
1 Tablespoon Plain Flour
1oz Parmesan Cheese
2 Tablespoons Basil
Cook the Linguine as per packet instructions.
Steam the Broccoli.
Melt the Butter in a pan then add the Flour and stir, add the Basil and the Cream stirring well. Mix in the Chicken and the Parmesan.
Drain the Linguine and the Broccoli, mix all together adding the Tomatoes chopped in half and serve.
It was an easy meal to make and Emmy helped with the cooking too and as I had hoped she actually tried 3 Tomatoes,  now she didn’t like them and spat them out but at least she tried.
Harry of course loved them as he does all his food.
Creamy Chicken Linguine with Basil and Tomatoes, projectgrowyourown
We have been growing our own veg in the garden as part of our #projectgrowyourown and as part of a project with myice.

4 thoughts on “Creamy Chicken Linguine with Basil & Home Grown Tomatoes

  1. yummy that sounds quite delicious, we too have been growing our own tomatoes and actually tried one yesterday, surprisingly sweet and lovely.
    Good on Emmy for trying bless her x

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