Create a Piggy – NatWest Pigs return

I coveted the NatWest piggy banks as a child, we belonged to the Halifax as children an had house shaped money boxes given to us with our accounts, however I clearly remember the fabulous looking NatWest piggy banks of the past and wishing we had those instead.

These famous Piggy banks are returning and NatWest would like your child to design the next one.  You can find out more about this competition and upload your own entries on the website:

I explained to Emmy we needed to make a new piggy and she wanted to re-visit an old favourite craft of hers, our paper mache pig

I then let her search through the bumper craft box we had been sent by NatWest for the purpose of this post so she could choose how to decorate her pig. 

We have been reading Elmer Elephant a lot this week so Emmy wanted and asked to make it colourful like Elmer and handed me some coloured felt.  I cut this into squares, handed her the glue and left her to it.

As you can imagine this was messy (very messy) and used a lot of glue but Emmy had fun.  She then instructed me that “Rainbow Pig” needed some eyes, nose, tail and sparkles and proceeded to hand me more bits out of the box.

Here is Emmy’s finished creation which she called “Rainbow Pig”:

  • This competition is open to any child up to 13 years of age
  • The winning design will become the new NatWest pig
  • Closing date is 11th November
  • Terms and conditions apply
  • Add your entries here.  Good Luck

“This is an Advertising promotion for NatWest”
We were kindly send a bumper arts and crafts box for the purpose of this post.

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