Creating a Dress Lyst for all the family weddings and events this year

Looking through my calendar trying to plan our holidays and functions for the year it has suddenly dawned on me that I’ve quite a few dressy occasions coming up and as I live in Jeans and Jumpers I will need to have a hunt around for some new dresses, I only have 2 really nice ones currently which fit and having worn one of those to 2 funerals I don’t really think it’s appropriate to wear to a Wedding, especially as the same family members will be at the Wedding.
In the comings weeks and months I have an Engagement party, my Niece and Nephews Christening, 2 family Weddings and my best friends 40th birthday party.  I also have my Wedding Anniversary coming up for which I’m hoping we can escape for a quite meal.  I know I can wear the same dress to a couple of these events and change accessories but I actually need to find some I like first.
I was recently introduced to Lyst which is a site unique to all users.  It learns your shopping behaviours, your likes and dislikes and tailors the searches for clothing items to your interests and recent habits.  You are able to choose which designers and shops you like and dislike, choose the style of clothing you are looking for, add in details such as price range, colour and size and it will search the listed sites to bring you choices from these stores, excluding the ones you’ve added to your dislike list and the designers you didn’t want to see.
I have used this to make myself a dress wish list for the functions I have coming up, added them to my wish Lyst and the great thing about this site is that you are alerted when something on your list goes into the sale or comes back into stock.  I really like this idea as I will often find an outfit I like after a while of searching only to find it’s out of stock and then I forget where it was I found the outfit in the first place – having them all pinned and saved to my list is  perfect as I won’t forget where they are from.
These are my current favourites – all of which are in the sale with either 50% or up to 70% off (you can choose to be shown only sale items if you specify):
 photo Party Planning Lyst.jpg
My Party Planning Lyst
Purple Keyhole Halter Dress – An ASOS dress with a RRP £90 in the sale for £27
Beige Sequin Bandeau Prom Dress – also ASOS with a RRP £65 in the sale for £20
Pink one shoulder soft maxi dress – ASOS RRP £55 sale price £22
Green Diamonte V Front Mini Dress – Warehouse RRP £78 sale price £23
Blue Glitter Midi Cape Dress – Club L, ASOS RRP £35 sale price £17
Red Ponte Leaf Print Shift Dress – House of Fraser RRP £85 sale price £26

Now I need to decide which I would like and order one up for the engagement party at the weekend and then ponder which I want for the other occasions – that said at the sale prices I may just buy them all and decide once they arrive.

I really like how easy this site is to you and the fact you can create a few different boards and then even send the links to others…..I may be creating a wish Lyst and sending to Paul in time for my anniversary – well a girl can be hopeful after all.

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