Creating Facebook cover pictures with Fotor

We all have beautiful pictures which we love to share with friends and family and with the aid of social media that becomes really easy for us all to do. We can snap a picture and upload to Instagram instantly, play around with the filters, crop the image or even hide a few imperfections by making it black and white.

With the push of a button we can share those to Twitter and even Facebook, send them via our phones to our group chats via WhatsApp and in this day and age rarely print them off….there is just little need to do so.

But how can we showcase our favourites? Those we share to Facebook are in our albums but they drop from our timelines quickly unless we use them as our profile pictures or chose as our featured images. Cover photos on Facebook as a great way to share your favourites – you could create a theme, change seasonally or even make a collage up of your best shots.

I’ve been having a play around with Fotor to create my latest FB cover picture, Fotor is free to use or you can upgrade to a premium package which gives you more editing options and is ad free.

To create a Facebook cover picture quickly you can choose the pre-set template which is already set to the correct size to fit the space at the top of your Facebook page, this could be used for your personal page or even your business/blog pages.

You can use a pre-set template from the left hand side or you could  upload your own images and create your own style, this is what I did. I uploaded 3 images and then dragged them into position, resizing as I went along.

You can set a background colour if you want to, I used blue as I wanted a little space with no image for my writing. You can then add stickers, text, shapes and customise as you like.

Once you are then happy with your design, click on the eye image at the top of the screen to preview what it will look like live on your page, as you can see I needed to fiddle around with my stickers a little as they were cut off in the final cut and I moved the photo’s around as my profile picture cut off part of Harry in the above image.

This is the final cut and showcases my favourite summer images of the kids – and took only around 5 minutes to create.

You can also use this to create posters, cards, youtube artwork, Instagram pictures with added text overlays, blog headers, photo editing and much more, to try it for yourself please visit

Disclaimer: I received a subscription to Fotor in exchange for this post.


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