Who do you think you are? Creating a family tree – TV styleee

I love watching the TV programme “Who Do You Think You Are“. I really enjoy watching the celebrities trace back their family history, learning about their past, who their ancestors were and what they did for a living.
I really enjoy learning about the history surrounding everyone and the fascinating facts their families.  Sometimes there are happy stories and other times they are sad, that’s the thing about uncovering your family history and delving into the past.
Recently I was given the chance to start entering my family data into a site which then creates your own family tree – www.whodoyouthinkyouarestory.com, it’s very easy to add the data and you can add as much or as little as you like.  The site is still in it’s Beta stages and new data and historical facts are being added daily.

I’ve started with just my immediate family, my parents, my brother, my grandparents on both sides.  I’ve added Paul and the children and my wedding date.  Once you’ve added the basics it turns it into a who do you think you are style video and adds a fact and photo from the date you entered or from the time period.  The site works in conjunction with www.findmypast.co.uk – you can use this site to delve deeper into your past.  The videos are free to create and you can pay to find out any further information if you want to add it in – great for those who are serious about creating a full and in depth family tree.
You can add any details or messages you want remembered
I really like how simple it is to use and the finished effect looks great while being so simple and easy to do.
You are able to add photos if you have them.  I had to ask my Mum for help with family names (I had no idea on my grandparents middle names or maiden names, nor did I know their dates of birth). 
Once finished you can press play and watch your own personalised version of Who Do You Think You Are – the video scrolls the screen showing your family tree a page per person while playing the show music.
If you would like to take a look at my video you can find it here – once created you can share it on Facebook, Twitter or via email and share with who you choose. 
I will be going back and adding in addition family members as and when I get the time.  I’ve found it very interesting and would love to build a full family tree so the children can learn all about great grandparents they didn’t get the chance to meet.
Disclaimer: We have been compensated for our time to write this post.


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