Creating the perfect child’s bedroom

A child’s bedroom is very important to his or her development. It’s the first taste of independence they experience. It’s the first space that they can really ‘claim ownership’ of. It’s a space for them to fall back on when they are sad. Because it is all of these things, and because it is so important to their development, your child’s bedroom needs to be perfect. Below you can find out just how this can be achieved.

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Include the child essentials

The essentials of a children’s bedroom differs to the essentials of your bedroom. In their room your child needs, of course, a place to sleep. But he or she also needs a place to play, a place to read and a place to imagine too. You need to factor in these essentials, and one way to do is to lay out a soft, inviting rug on their floor. Children, for some reason, love to play, read and imagine on the floor. So, you should make their floor as safe and as comfortable as possible.

Don’t overcrowd

An overcrowded bedroom is never nice, no matter the age of the person that sleeps within it. But overcrowded bedrooms are especially not nice for children. They are not nice for children because they don’t offer them the organisation they need in their life. One way to fight overcrowding in your child’s bedroom then is to bring a bunk bed into it. But no, this is not a standard bunk bed — unless more than one of your children will be sleeping in the room, of course. No, this a bunk bed where the bottom bunk is not a bed, but an open space that be filled with cupboards and wardrobes. This way you can store everything under your child’s bed and not allow for things to file out into their playing area. And if you’re worrying just how you are going to get such a big bed delivered to you, then look no further than a delivery company such as Shiply. They are very much capable of delivering a bed of such size. In fact, they could even deliver the cupboards and wardrobe to you too!

Consider neutral decor

Neutral colour scheme and decor are timeless, and it is for this reason why you should choose them for your child’s bedroom. You should do so because your child grows, and as he or she grows so does their tastes. So, why adorn their walls in a certain colour or a certain wallpaper full of their favourite cartoon characters at that time, when they will soon change their mind? When this happens you will find yourself in a constant state of having to make changes to the room’s decor. Therefore you will constantly be disrupting your child’s safe bedroom space as well as interrupting their time within it. So, for both your sake and their sake, choose a neutral, timeless décor.

And if you need further inspiration then take a look at just how Harry’s new bigger and better bedroom was planned. You’ll find a host of things there that will catch your eye, for sure! Just remember, when building the perfect bedroom for your child you need to take into account not only what they need, but what they want. Yes, as important as it is to give them everything they need for their develop, you also need to take their personal desires into consideration too. You just have to know where to draw the line in regards to this.

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