Creating a taste sensation this Easter

The smell of cut grass is starting to fill the air, the flowers are starting to blossom and the inspiration to get out in the back garden is compelling. Table and chairs are set up and the barbecue is clean, ready to go when the sun is ready, and hopefully it will be this Easter. With the weather being incredibly temperamental, it is always handy to have great tips and ideas ready: quick and tasty.

Deciding on whether to have that impromptu barbecue is really dependent on the sun shining and having food readily available to whip up that tantalizing feast. Having fun, Easter-themed recipe ideas at hand like these Easter desserts from Kraft, come in really useful; such inspirational and simple dishes to make and create. There are some fantastic recipe ideas, which will also get the children involved and are sure to wow any guests over Easter.

Baker one bowl Easter Brownies
the meal is not planned in advance you do not have the luxury of time
to prepare, which means recipe ideas involving setting and marinating
overnight are not an option. But there are plenty of healthy recipe
ideas that can give your food a little added bonus, or short
marinating times, which means you can still be creative. There are
some delicious things you can do for Easter when you have the time to

for the barbecue to warm up can sometimes seem like a long time,
especially if you are not the owner of a gas one. If you do have a
coal barbecue, there is nothing quite like using a flavored
wood chip

to create that ‘something’ different to add extra depths to
recipes like Halloumi kebabs or succulent pork chops.

is not all about the recipes and method of cooking that is important
for hosting a great, spontaneous Easter barbecue; it is also about
the atmosphere. You want to wow your guests when they enter your
home, or make the family feel special by making that extra effort for
finishing touches.

children and grown-ups all like mocktails, they can be fun to make
and you can be as creative as you want to be. Sodastream
recently came back into the market and you can create fantastic
mocktails and get the children involved too. Dress the mocktails up
with a chick on the top of the glass, or rabbit ears on the end of a
straw: a great way to provide fun and fruit, with that Easter theme.

out the garden table, place the mocktails with umbrella sticks and a
fruit slice on a tray to greet your guests and place a large bowl of
your nachos in the center of the table with plenty of guacamole. Have
the kebabs and pork chops cooking on the apple scented wood chips and
there you have it – your off-the-cuff, Easter barbecue treat.


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