Creating with the Cricut Mini #Review

After attending an event with Cricut I was sent my very own Cricut mini to play with and since then I’ve been like a big kid creating, playing and designing.

It is really simple to use and comes with a step-by-step guide on what to do to set it up, get going and even how to create your first master piece.  Using these steps you really can’t go wrong.

To set up it’s a case of taking everything out of the box, plugging into the wall socket and then logging into the Cricut craft room.  Follow the instructions until it says attach device then plug it into your USB port.

Following the instructions it talks you through your 1st project –  thank you card – very easy yet very effective and beautiful.

Following these steps you are able to make your own adaptations or master making your own designs.

It’s all designed in the Cricut craft room which is a lot like using clip art.

Click on the designs you want, resize, move, add more layers or shading etc.  You add pages to create levels/layers so as to add depth and design to your cards or t-shirts, wall art.

My first project was a 1st birthday card – I wanted to add a name and balloons – these were easy to find as you can you the search facility (all art work and fonts are available to buy on cartridges separately – you are able to see what is on the cartridges before you buy them).

Card projects

If you want different colours to a design – just add different layers – line then up, adjust sizes etc then  cut when you are happy.

It may sound a little complicated but really it isn’t, it just takes a little practise – practise makes perfect as they say and it’s thanks to a Cricut blogging contest using my Cricut mini to create a royal themed baby grow that I recently won a Spa day for 2.

Here is my winning design – all my own work using 3 colour vinyls, my Cricut mini, a baby grow and an iron.

Cricut mini
This is my design in the Cricut craft room – 3 layers showing the final design

Cricut mini
My finished babygrow

It is really addictive to keep making personalised designs.  This is my favourite I made for Harry.  His nick name is Bam Bam so I just had to make him a t-shirt for a recent family party:

The only technical thing to remember when making iron-on designs is to flip the design on the screen so it is the right way around when ironed on.

To find out more about the Cricut mini and other Cricut products please visit their website.

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