The Ultimate Guide To Creating Your Very Own Marzipan Babies This Summer


Marzipan tends to get
short shrift from many when it comes to decorating their cakes, which
is a shame because it’s an incredibly versatile medium. When it is
used most people tend to go for marzipan fruit or maybe flowers, but
it’s just as good for creating figurines. In fact marzipan figures
are often much easier to make because the material is more forgiving
than icing.
So why not follow these
simple steps to make a marzipan baby to adorn your cake. We’re
going to make a baby girl, but these steps can be applied to a boy
just change the colour of the babygro from pink to a more manly hue
of your choosing.
  1. Let’s make the body first. Get a
    lump of marzipan and begin to roll and knead it slightly in your
    hands to soften it up. Then using a toothpick apply a few dabs of
    pink food colouring paste and begin to work it through the marzipan
    until you’ve got a nice pink colour. Then shape the pink marzipan
    into a rough pear shape.
  1. Now the
    legs. Colour the marzipan as before and this time roll out two
    chubby sausages and shape the ends up into feet. Good marzipan
    figures rely on getting proportions right and babies legs tend to be
    a bit shorter relative to the torso than adult leg. You can attach
    these to the body using a little water. Make sure to bend them
    around the front of the body a little to give them that cute baby
    bow-legs look.
  2. Repeat the above step for the
    arms, being sure to keep the proportions chunky. At this stage take
    a short length of dry spaghetti and push it through the top of the
    body. This is to stop the head from falling off.
  1. Next comes the head. The tricky
    part here is to get the flesh colour right. Different colours work
    better for specific skin tones, but paprika colours are good for
    white flesh. Once you’ve coloured the marzipan roll it into a ball
    and shape in the ears, mouth and nose. You can add the eyes using
    edible food paint.
  1. For some final detail add on the
    hands, which can just be flattened balls of flesh coloured marzipan.
    You can mark the fingers using a toothpick. Why not add a lock of
    hair on top of the head with a small bow attached? Or maybe a dummy
    for the mouth?
And that’s really all
there is to making a baby out of marzipan.
Thanks to the simple shapes they aren’t that
difficult to make but like everything creating a really good marzipan
baby comes down to care, attention and practise.

“Posted in collaboration with Renshaw”





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