Cricut Mini – A brilliant electronic cutting machine

A while ago now I was invited to attend an event in London by Cricut, I had heard of these machines before but hadn’t seen nor played with them so was very keen to attend.

They said it was fine to bring the kids and almost insisted upon it so I headed London bound with 2 kids and a buggy in tow for the first time ever alone.

I survived!  I planned my journey well in advance and knew the escalator was out at Highbury & Islington so took a wrap to carry Harry and folded the buggy while on the tube – I managed fine and honestly had no idea what I worried about.

The lovely ladies at the event took charge of the kids brilliantly infact even when Harry fell asleep they refused to stop cuddling which he loved.

We were shown the Cricut Mini machines and we had the chance to make t-shirts for ourselves using the new iron-on vinyl’s.

Can I just say now that I was very impressed – they showed up on the computer how to design our own patterns – it was like having access to the entire clip-art selections and the possibilities were endless.

Emmy and I chose to make a Tinkerbell T-shirt.

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First I typed in Tinkerbell into the search box and lots of pictures came up – with help I chose one I liked – played around with the sized and then opened another screen to create a second layer to add dimensions to my picture – when happy with this the pictures need to be flipped over as you iron them onto the t-shirt therefore they will be they correct way around when finished.

Now it all sounds really complicated and it seemed it at the time however it really isn’t.

This is the t-shirt I designed with Emmy’s help:

Cricut Mini, Cricut, Iron-on vinyl, tinkerbell t-shirt,
Not bad for a first attempt

So what actually is a Cricut?
A Cricut – pronounced cricket is an electronic cutting machine which cut designs into paper and vinyl’s.
Used in conjunction with the Cricut Craft room and Cricut cartridge the possibilities are endless and you can make your own amazing cards and clothing items too as well as wall pictures using the adhesive vinyl.

I have now received my own Cricut mini for my own personal use and I will be showing you some of my creations very soon.

We had a great time at the Cricut event and the kids did too – A huge thank you to the team for the invite and for helping us all to have a great day.

Disclaimer:  I was invited down to this event by Cricut who reimbursed my travel expenses, I have not been asked to write about our day however we had a fabulous day and wanted to.  We have also received the Cricut mini FOC and a full review is to follow.

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