Dancing around to Disney CD’s #Review

I had a little girl jumping for joy when she opened a parcel which contained 2 cd’s of her all time favourite TV shows: Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First  few weeks ago.
What little girl wouldn’t be happy with these – Emmy has seen every episode of both Sophia the First and Doc McStiffins on repeat and she knows them all off by heart.  She now always pretends to be a doctor making her teddies ‘all feel better now’ and if she pretends to make me better on the times I’ve got to replace the poorly teddies she has the cutest was of saying ‘Just doing my job’ when I thank her.

Sofia is just like every young girl however when her mum marries the king she goes off to live in a beautiful castle and has to learn the ways of being a princess yet is determined to be her loveable self and do things in her own way.

This programme is one of my personal favourites because it helps to teach Emmy that she can do anything and be whatever she wants to be.

My favourite song is Anything as it helps teach children an important lesson:

“……But the only way to win
is to try and try again
they want to count me out but I’ll make them count me in
I can be anything
I can see anything
you can teach, anything
I can reach, anything
I can do anything
So can you
anything that you try
Look and see
you can be
It makes me smile whenever I hear Emmy singing along to that song.  There are 13 songs on this CD including the Theme Song, All You Need and Make Some Noise.



I can’t imagine anyone hasn’t seen Doc McStuffins but just incase you have been living in a cave or don’t have young children the series is about a 6 year old girl called Dottie McStuffins who wants to follow in her mums footsteps and become a doctor.  She pretends to be a doctor and makes all her toys and dolls feel better.  When she puts on her Stethoscope her toys magically come to life and she can communicate with them and has fun adventures along the way.


This brand new Disney Junior soundtrack: Doc McStuffins: The Doc Is In features 26 of the best songs from the premiere season of the TV show. 
Emmy’s favourites are:
  • Doc McStuffins Theme Tune
  • I Feel Better
  • Time For Your Check Up
  • Dinosaur Stomp

Please click the box below to have a listen for yourselves.

These CD’s make a great after school treat for Emmy – we pop them on and dance madly around the front room to them on loudly. 

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