David Walliams: World’s Worst Children 2 review plus book bundle giveaway

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David Walliams: World’s Worst Children 2

We are huge David Walliams fans and have nearly all of his books, as well as the audio collection which Emmy listens to at bed times.

World’s Worst Children 2, the sequel to World’s Worst Children has had both Emmy and I gripped, rarely have I seen her reach for a book the moment she walks into the house and even again before school.

If you think you have little terrors at home or if you think your kids sometimes push the boundaries then you really have to read this book with your children.

With colourful characters and outrageous storylines this is a brilliant book which will have you howling and turning the pages at great speed to see what is about to happen next.

You can read all about Humbert the Hungry Baby – a baby who at birth was so big no one could carry him, who broke his pram and cot the minute he got into them and who would drink milk by the gallons and eat food by the houseful….and when the food ran out he ate his mother, a bus and well….anything which got in his way…everything that is except for mustard.

Stacey Superstar – the talentless singer who was oblivious to her sheer lack of talent, who broke windows with her high notes and when she entered a talent contest…she quite literally brought the house down yet still had no idea just how bad she really was. Emmy loved this one, especially as she has just started enjoying shows such as X-Factor and the Voice and can relate to watching someone who thinks they are great but sadly just aren’t very good at all.

We both giggled our way through Fussy Frankie, a boy who refused to eat his fruit and veg, living entirely on chocolate and junk food. A boy who tries to outsmart his mother by chucking his healthy food out of the window and into the nuclear power plant over the road but soon comes to regret that when giant vegetables come looking for him on the rampage.

There’s also Cruel Clarissa, a girl so mean to her pets that they decide to take action and gang up on her to teach her a lesson.

These are all short stories within the book, because they are only short it is very easy for children to read, I often find that chapter books are hard for Emmy as she wants to see what happens next but that means reading the whole book which after 2 chapters in a day she’s had enough and I have to take over and continue reading the book to her, of course I don’t mind but I prefer listening to her read as she follows the storylines better and can see how words are spelt etc.

So, if like me you thought your kids could be terrors at times this book will change your thinking….although mine still don’t listen, make a mess and hate to be clean but somehow it’s not that bad anymore!

I can guarantee you will LOVE this book but don’t be surprised if you read it all in the first day – it’s easily done, just listen to this little sound clip and hear for yourself.

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121 thoughts on “David Walliams: World’s Worst Children 2 review plus book bundle giveaway

  1. Clayton’s just bought a selection of David Williams books but doesn’t have this one yet. He would love it!!!

  2. My older daughter loves the Worst Witch series and my younger one likes My Little Pony stories at the moment.

  3. If my little girl could, she would love to live at the library :). She read all of the David Walliams books (like many others) and she keeps re-reading them as she loves them so much. How great it would be for her have her own collection :)?! She absolutely LOVES Gangsta Granny.

  4. My son loves i love you to the moon and back. Its a story we read every night after the 10 million other stories we read before. It is our story before sleep book and then we have a cuddle and say I love you to the moon and back but my son has added with a hear.

  5. At the moment, it is The Mouse Who Reached the Sky by Petr Horacek. Without any exaggeration, I have read that book at least 100 time.

  6. We love ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’, but have recently discovered ‘Supertato’ so now it’s all about the evil peas…

  7. my daughter is currently enjoying the Roald Dahl collection, my son has recently started the Harry potter books 🙂

  8. My daughters favourite books are Horrid Henry series, Worlds worst children 1 and The Hobbit
    My twin boys adore anything by Julia Donaldson and their absolute favourite is Cat in The Hat

  9. My daughter loved Sophie’s Snail, and other Dick King-Smith, but she wasn’t really a big reader until she got hooked on Harry Potter.

  10. Each of the children has adored The Very Hungry Caterpillar so it is no surprise that it is so enduring.

  11. We love this book, it’s a great follow up and o his first. Where does he keep coming up with these characters from?!

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