The day my little girl grew up

I’ve been putting this day off for a while now.  I knew it would come but I wasn’t ready.

My little baby has grown up.  She is 20 months next week and has suddenly become very independant.

She has always done everything early – moved into her own room at 4 weeks old, slept through at 10 weeks, started weaning at 16 weeks, took her 1st steps on Christmas day at 10.5 months and today moved into her big girls bed at almost 20 months.

This morning she woke up in her cot, played for a while then stood up and instead of crying as nornal just shouted “hello”, “hello”.  That was early as the postman woke her at 7am but recently it has been 8.15am so I bit the bullet today and put her toddler bed together.

I had already brought it a while ago as I saw a cheap one for sale on a local Facebook selling page for £10 and as i’m not working and neither is Paul couldn’t turn down a bargain like that.  We did get a new matress for it.

I set it up myself as I’m impatient and when I want something I want it yesterday, I can not bear to wait.  So drill in hand today I put it together very quickly – Emmy was so excited to see her new “big bed” that she didn’t stay in the bath very long and jumped straight into bed.

Normally we watch a video in Emmy’s room, then turn the lights out and snuggle together on a matress on the floor waiting for her to go to sleep then lift her into the cot.  Bad habit I know but she was very poorly a while ago and it’s the only way we could get her out of our bed. Today we watched 5 minutes of TV before lights out, she cried for 5 minutes as she was over tired because she wouldn’t sleep this afternoon, then she climbed into her new bed, pushed mummy away and went straight to sleep on her own!! I’m a very proud and happy mummy – I also hope it continues.

I would love to get her a brand new princess bed or girlie bed at a later date but this will do for now (unless someone would like to donate one to little Emmy?)

4 thoughts on “The day my little girl grew up

  1. Ahhh I love it when they reach a new milestone. The bed looks lovely and comfy. They are only in the first size for a short time so it makes sense to get one as cheap as possible – although it's the mattress that's the expensive bit anyway.

  2. She looks so grown up and happy in the bed, I feel so sad as my Anna needs to move into a next stage bed soon, she is 2 and a half and still in a cot!
    Emmy seems such a bright little button bless her x

  3. Aw she seems like a very intelligent, independent little girl! i'm sure you could paint the bed pink, add princess bedding and a canopy to make the perfect princess bed for her 🙂 x

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