A fun filled day at Chessington while potty training

Towards the end of the Summer holidays I planned a fun filled day out with my best friend, her husband and their children, along with Emmy and Harry – we decided to wait until the beginning of September when some of the local Schools had already returned, obviously the thinking was that it would be quieter at that time.
That backfired and it was really busy as it turned out to be a really sunny day – however as always we managed to have a great day.  For our day out there were 3 adults and 7 children aged from Harry who is almost 3 all the way up to teenagers.  Armed with a picnic, pushchair, a changing bag packed with HUGGIES® Pull-Ups®, wipes and Harry’s My Carry Potty we were all set to go.  I had begun potty training Harry over the Summer and although this is a little slow I didn’t want a day out to hinder the progress we were beginning to make.
Having different aged children meant they wanted to do and go on different rides so after the eldest 3 had a set time to meet back and a designated place to meet they went off to explore and queue for rides.
With 3 adults and 4 children left we headed for the smaller rides as there were rides they couldn’t go on due to height restrictions. 
For many of the rides the older boys in our mini break off group were able to go on the rides together, meaning I could take Emmy and Harry on as they both needed an adult to ride with, or my best friend (their Godmum) could go with one of them on the ride where only 2 can ride at a time.  I won’t lie: the majority of the tantrums came from Emmy – she wanted to go on all rides with me, however as a Mum to two I have to share myself equally when I can so it was only fair I spent some time with Harry too so she had to ride with Ruth.
We let the children choose which rides they wanted to go on while we were here, some had queues of around 30-40 minutes while others were longer and of course we tried to steer away from those – rides such as the carousel we could jump straight on so did a few times.
As we are potty training Harry he went wearing his HUGGIES® Pull-Ups®, this meant I didn’t need to pack a few changes of clothes just the Pull-Ups®, wipes and the potty.  There were plenty of toilets around the park and whenever we took one of the other children I took Harry to try for a wee on the toilet, sometimes successful but other times not.  I changed his Pull-Ups® if they were wet and kept asking him throughout the day – just as I would when at home.
Being out and about while beginning this process can be daunting however it is impossible to remain indoors until they have cracked it 100% so days out have to be planned and providing you equip yourselves well it isn’t as hard as you think it maybe.
From a personal point of view I would say don’t get hung up on accidents while you are out – kids get distracted easily – just carry on as you would do at home, change them, get them to try or sit on the potty/toilet regularly and try to still have fun.
I discovered during our day out that Harry isn’t keen on toilets when we are out (this maybe as he has a cushioned seat which goes onto ours at home) but if we took the potty into a cubicle he would have more success, personally I wasn’t keen on just opening up the potty in the middle of the park as it helps to have some privacy (and isn’t all that nice for others around to see him sitting on the potty), however if he asks as we aren’t near a toilet the My Carry Potty is very handy for this as you close the lid again and carry it to the nearest toilets to empty.
Our day out was great fun – it was busy and sadly a few of the rides weren’t working so it meant the other rides were busier however there were treetop adventures to be had, Penguin shows to be seen and friends to play with, so even though we didn’t get on as many rides as planned we all had a great day out together and we can’t wait to plan another adventure soon, although taking teenagers to a theme park has it’s downside too – they forced me to go on this with them when their parents wouldn’t:

I am still plotting my revenge for this one!
Disclaimer: I was compensated some of the cost of my day out as a Huggies Pull-Ups Ambassador to share my experiences of potty training while out and about with you.

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17 thoughts on “A fun filled day at Chessington while potty training

  1. Ahh this brings back so many memories, the best one being POD shouting "I need a poo" at a friend's wedding *shudders* you're totally right though, accidents happen and it's always worthwhile being well prepared! x

  2. You are organised! We skipped pull ups and just went straight to the toilet. After a few accidents we were well on the way. I can't personally think of anything worse than a portable potty! (And I actually have met Amanda the inventor a few times we are both Dorset small businesses!)

  3. I remember the days well. I went every where with a potetteand used it everywhere and anywhere. My girls used to love carrying their little bags proudly to the bins … I'd forgotten all about that 🙂

  4. Oh I remember potty training well – unfortunately it was the bane of my life for 5 years – I did get good at being prepared and coping though, although Hallelujah that these days are now over for me! Good luck with it all, I'm sending positive mum vibes!!

  5. Public loos are the tricky one, even more so with my autistic son and the hand driers etc. The carry pottys are a super idea.

  6. Brings back memories! We also had a collapsible potty thing. I remember going to meet a friend in Copenhagen, and my son wanting to use it so we just opened it up and set him up on the grass on a rather well manicured lawn. Turned out it was the Queens Residence. I had no idea where we were! 😀 Sounds like you had a good day out! (:

  7. I never had any of this. Mine went straight to the loo at nearly three nad were all done in three days. I am not being smug, as it was nothing I did, it was all the boys!

  8. Oh i am so glad we are over the potty training days in our house, we used to have a potette (sp?) from Mothercare which we took everywhere with us and it was a total lifesaver, I still have it in the car now for emergencies x

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