DC Super Hero Girls are in town

For far too long Super Heroes have been dominated by the boys, if I mention Super Heroes in our house the children name Batman, Superman and Spiderman instantly but didn’t really know any of the women up until recently.
I started introducing Emmy to the strong women characters such at Wonder Women, Batgirl, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy – it is about time to rebalance the gender roles and teach her that the women are just as strong as the men – if not stronger!

We have been watching the DC Super Hero Girls over on their YouTube channel and the more we all watch the more fascinated Emmy becomes with the caped wonders.

She has always loved dressing up and now happily dons a cape around the house pretending to fly and save Harry for the evils of the world, I probably shouldn’t mention that he thinks she is the evil of the world around half of the time, poor boy, but he does love playing with her and will do whatever she says.

Warner Bros. Consumer Products, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation have joined in partnership with Mattel to bring out an adorable brand new series of the DC Super Hero Girl figures and Emmy was very lucky to receive 2 of those this week.  When her parcel arrived she squealed with delight to find Poison Ivy and Bat Girl waiting for her.

Poison Ivy is: A scientific genius, shy and idealistic
The Garden variety misfit: “When a botched lab experiment gave this wallflower the ability to control plants, her life changed forever. Now, she’s finally blossoming into her new life, and doing the best she can to adapt to her amazing new super powers.”

Batgirl is: A martial arts expert, cool  and intelligent
The Technowizard: “Batgirl is ca-rAy-zy smart. In fact, she’s so smart that she got into Super Hero High based on her brain power alone, not her super powers (she wasn’t born with any). When she’s not honing her detective skills, she’s figuring out cool new ways to use her incredible gadgets.”

These new action figure dolls are available in 6-inch figures and 12-inch figures. Since Emmy’s arrived they haven’t left her side and she even tried to sneak them into school for show and tell when the school rule is no toys. They are fully poseable and stand up on their own. Poison Ivy comes with detachable vines which can attach to her arms or her legs and Batgirl comes Batpack and removable hood.

The new DC Super Hero Girls are the very first of their kind, the first 6-inch and 12-inch action figure dolls designed for girls, of course boys will love them just as much however these are the first time the female super heroes has been brought to life as action figures.  The 6-inch dolls are available in UK toy stores from today (1st July) for £9.99 (RRP) and the 12-inch dolls are £19.99 (RRP).

They have made a very welcomed addition to Emmy’s toy collection and I now keep finding ALL toys wanting to join in with the super hero action.

You can have some super hero fun yourself by finding out which character is your alter ego.  Just head on over to the website and take the quiz, answer a few questions and you’ll see which super hero you are most like.

Once you’ve found out why not #GetYourCapeOn and share your alter ego on Instagram by tagging @dcsuperherogirls, on twitter by tagging @WarnerBrosUK or by sharing on their Facebook page.

I matched to Harley Quinn when I did the quiz.  Which is your alter ego?

Disclaimer: We received 2 of these figures in exchange for this post.

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