De-stressing Your Life

Throughout life, stress is inevitable. Although some stress is normal, occasionally that stress can be just too much to handle. Hearing the word itself might even cause you to feel a bit of stress.

So what can you do to alleviate the pressures in day to day life? There’s quite a few ways to go about it but sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. If you take some time to do a few quick and easy things in your life, you’ll greatly reduce the amount of stress you have. Here are a few tips to follow in order to de-stress your life.

Identify What Stresses You

Figuring out the triggers of your stress is a crucial first step into handling that stress. What stresses you out and what is your reaction?

It can be an aspect of your daily routine such as the school run or the commute to work. It can also be something less regular like packing for your holidays or moving house. If you can create a list of these stressors, you can take a step back and look at everything that bothers you. Then you can start working on possibly eliminating them from your life, improving the situation, or change your reaction!

Use An Agenda Or Planner

Sometimes the reason I feel overwhelmed with my schedule is that it’s difficult to organise everything. That’s why it’s so important to get a planner or agenda. Use this to stay on top of all the events, appointments, and tasks in your life.

It doesn’t have to be a hard copy that you carry around with you either since there are several apps available. The great thing about a planner is that you can organise things in a way that works best for you.

Of course, using your planner regularly takes some time to get used to, and you really need to make a habit out of it. But if you stick with it, you’ll be better able to handle your schedule and reduce the stress that comes with it.

Don’t Go About It By Yourself

If you’re feeling stressed, it’s easy to fall into the mental trap that you’re all on your own. But that’s simply not true. If your stress is not caused by the people you know, it’s important that you don’t push your friends and family away. Communicate with your loved ones and you’ll be surprised that it can do wonders for stress relief. They might even be able to provide useful solutions to your problems.

There are other ways to get help. Perhaps a babysitter is necessary to help ease the burden of your busy schedule. If you’re stressed about planning a trip, you could get assistance from a travel agent or trip planner. Or if you’re moving, it’s always a good idea to get advice from professionals or additional help on your big day.

Even just talking about your problem can help alleviate your stress. With friends and family, they should be willing to help you when you’re feeling pressed for time or overwhelmed with your life. And enlisting the help of professionals can make your life easier. Even though it could cost some money, sometimes the need for extra help outweighs the cost.

Take Time To Un-plug


This one is very important. Research has shown that continued connection to your electronics is linked to increased stress and less sleep. Even taking a few minutes right before going to bed checking out your social media feeds can have an adverse affect on your sleep. You may not realise it but we are increasingly spend a large part of our days looking at a screen.

Takes some time to un-plug from your electronics. It can be as short as looking outside your window for a few seconds or taking a 5 minute break from working on your computer. Better yet, curl up on the sofa and read a book. If you spend less time staring at a screen, not only will it lessen the strain on your eyes, it will also lower the stress on your mind.

Live Healthily

Leading a healthy life is one of the best ways to combat stress. However, it’s not always the easiest. Setting aside time, being motivated, maintaining discipline to exercise, eating healthy and well-balanced meals, and getting plenty of sleep is difficult.

But if you are determined to tackle the stress in your life, adopting healthy habits is essential. Moving and nourishing your body properly will leave you feeling fresher and more energised so you’ll be better prepared to handle stressful situations. Go for a stroll outside, take a yoga class, snack on fruits and veg and make sure you get a proper night’s sleep. These are all ways to be healthy and feel relaxed.

Why not combine a healthy lifestyle with your “me” time or break from screens? Go outside and take in the natural environment or go for a jog to get a breath of fresh air. By taking care of your body, you’ll greatly reduce the stress in your life.


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