Decorating Cupcakes with I Just Love It

There are some great things about being a Blogger,  the invitations to different events is one of the fabulous parts of my job.  When I received an invitation from I Just Love It to spend the morning decorating cupcakes with Harry I couldn’t wait.
I rarely have time where I get special one-on-one time with Harry, while Emmy has had her fair share of London events and adventures nothing is usually suitable for Harry so we were both excited.
Heading straight into London after the school run Harry and I arrived in plenty of time, early infact so he had plenty of time to get comfortable and come out of his shell and it was a great chance for me to look around at the wonderful gift range I Just Love It had to offer.
Fantastic personalised gifts from books to school bags, rolling pins to stationary and most things inbetween.

I really love the personalised keyrings which you can add the children’s names to and the personalised Santa’s sacks.  I could have easily completed my Christmas shopping with personalised gifts as they really did have something for everyone with budgets to suit all.

Harry was very taken with the star chart and we will be reviewing this shortly in the hopes it helps aid his potty training which has come to a standstill and is now a battle of wills. 

When everyone arrived (there were train delays typically) we headed into the kitchen to learn a few new skills on how to decorate cupcakes.

Harry was really impressed that he was allowed to work the mixer and to decorate as he pleased – OK I do apologise to all on our work unit for when Harry used ALL of the topping ingredients on his 4 cupcakes but he had so much fun. 

We learnt how to properly make buttercream icing and fondant icing and also learnt how to dip strawberries in chocolate – yes there really is a knack to that, and to ice with melted chocolate.  We learnt a few icing techniques and were able to try out mixing icing colours and then we set about creating our own master cupcake for a friendly competition amongst ourselves .

It was such a fun morning and Harry really enjoyed himself too.

Harry now has a new found love of baking a keeps grabbing his apron and asking to make cakes, I think his creations were awesome and more is definitely the way to go when cake decorating.

Thanks to I Just Love it for a wonderful event, if you would like to take a look at the gift range available you can find them on the website.


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