Decorating your child’s bedroom on a budget

The child’s bedroom can often be a place of silent terror for many parents. Many times you’ll go in there with bated breath to see what carnage they’ve created!

So if you’re giving your home a revamp for the New Year, it may be an idea to try and set yourself a sensible budget for your children’s bedroom, as the chances are they’ll only make a mess of it anyway!

With that in mind, here are a few budget-friendly children’s bedroom ideas.

Simple decoration

Many children are budding artists, so why not give them the chance to express themselves in the bedroom.

So rather than investing in a costly picture frame, simply hang a piece of string across a wall and allow them to peg up their most recent art creations.

Or failing this, blackboards are another cheap and excellent way to unleash your child’s creativity in a safe place. Plus if they get bored of what they’ve created, they can simply wipe it off and start again!

Wall stickers are another quick and simple way to add a bit of fun decoration to your child’s room. And again, they are easy to peel off should the need arise.

Making bedtime fun

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Beds can often be fairly utilitarian. So why not create a deluxe homemade canopy over your child’s bed with some carefully chosen fabric draped from the ceiling.

And speaking of beds, there will always come a time when you’ll need to invest in a new bed. So save yourself some cash and make sure that you get them something that they’ll grow into!

Storage spaces

Finding a home for your child’s rapidly growing collection of toys is another headache facing many modern parents.

However, help is at hand with some simple and chic storage cubes that can be stacked and added to should the need arise. They’re available from a wide range of home furniture stores, or if you’re feeling up to it, they’re pretty simple to knock up yourself!

Finishing touches

As your child’s bedroom is a place of constant activity, it’s a good idea to make sure that you keep the basic elements of furniture fairly simple. But there’s a million ways that you can simply and cheaply add a sense of fun.

So whether it be hanging bunting across a wall, sewing circles of fabric onto plain curtains, or even hanging a flag of their favourite team over their bed, it’ll all help them feel like it’s their own private space that should make bedtime a little easier on everyone!

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