Design it your way – Have your say and help design a new Baby Changing Bag

As parents we know what works for us, this is best done through experience.
If you are like me then when pregnant you may have gone with a pretty option over a practical one. 
Not having to use a changing bag daily I didn’t know what I needed in a bag – and seeing as these often see us through until our children are toddlers and possibly through to the next child it is something which should be given a little more thought.
In my opinion changing bags need separate compartments for various items to save hunting around in the bottom of the bag searching for Nappy cream, wipes etc.
I’m currently working alongside Cooper & Hill to help design a brand new changing bag and not only can I have my say in this, you can too.
We are asking for your opinions in what you think would work best.
As parents you know just as well as I do what you would like to see, the very exiting thing about this project is it will be happening VERY quickly – we need your opinions by Wednesday.  There are a couple of bloggers working on this project, once all the data has been collected, the finalised design will be sent off to be manufactured.
What you see here is an organiser which can be place inside a tote bag.
Which design do YOU like best?  There are 3 photos for each design. 
As a thank you for your help, once this has been manufactured I will be giving you the chance to win one for yourselves!
 To make it easy for you please fill in your design choices in the polls below.

Which bag design do you prefer?

And finally which colour would you like this made in?

Bag colour?

If you prefer a different colour please do let me know which in the comments.

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13 thoughts on “Design it your way – Have your say and help design a new Baby Changing Bag

  1. I love the duck egg blue shade but it wouldn't be terribly practical and would show the dirt quickly. The second design is my favourite.

  2. I'd love it in Green or Blue I think. I'm not sure it would convert me to using it instead of a changing bag. I think you'd need quite a big tote to fit the pouch in as well as all of mum's bits!

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