Despicable Me Mineez range review

We are a little Minion obsessed in this household, ever since the children saw the first movie they have been enchanted by the lovable yellow fellows and I can’t say I blame them.

Movie night are a regular Friday night occurrence in this house, we make up beds for the children in the front room, bring down their duvets and pillows and pop on the latest film of their choice, they then sleep downstairs and one of us will sleep on the sofa next to them while the other parent enjoys a lie-in the following morning and we take it in turns to supervise these movie evenings. A film of choice on so many occasions has been the Despicable Me movies and they are VERY excited for the brand new one to arrive in our cinemas next month – Despicable Me 3.

This house is already home to Minions bedding, colouring, clothing and of course soft toys, so it goes without saying we were excited to receive the brand new Despicable Me Mineez collectibles range.

Despicable Me Mineez range review

The new collectibles range which are pocket money prices consists of: Blind bags, Micro Key rings, Drop & Pop Minions and a collectors tin – these are suitable for children aged 5+

The blind bags are available for £2.99 and come in yellow ball packages, there are 75 characters to collect in series 1 from 5 separate segments with rare and limited editions to collect to. For this price they can be swapped with friends in the playground until you’ve collected an entire set.

The Mirco Key rings come in a blind bag and cost £4.99, these are a larger size than the blind bags (the characters in the balls) and you’ll find 12 to collect. These can be clipped onto school bag, coat zips or anything you like – customise your belongings with these cute and lovable figures. I think these are my favourite in the range and I really want to find a Gru to add to my bag.

The collectors tin is the most expensive item in the collection costing £14.99 however with only 2 to collect these are the perfect place to keep all your Mineez collectibles safe inside so you won’t be searching under the bed or the sofa for them when you want to play. These come with 2 blind bags inside containing 2 exclusive figures.

Lastly, and most definitely the children’s favourite was the Drop & Pop Minion, this is priced at £8.99, the size of a the palm of my hand this is a hilarious toy which keeps the kids amused for so long.

You pull down the minions trousers and drop it onto a table or the floor and he bounced up at a great force and speed. Stand back though as he really does launch into the air and when we dropped him onto Harry’s bedside table he hit the ceiling really hard and fast.

I found that both Emmy and Harry struggled to pull down the trousers on this minion, so kept having to ask me which got rather annoying after the 30th time in a row but they love it so much and their giggles make it worthwhile – there are 3 of these figures to collect in the set.

Available from, Harry is very keen to add to this collection already and is currently saving up his pocket money to do so.

Disclaimer: We received these items in exchange for a honest review, as always all thought and opinions are our own.


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