Did you have a very Merry Christmas?

Did you have yourself a very Merry Christmas time?

We certainly did. 

Getting the kids to sleep on Christmas eve was a challenge – my Parents and my Brother, sister in law and nephews were over exchanging presents.  Mum and Dad stayed to dinner and the excitement or over excitement began!

Paper was already everywhere, chocolates being consumed before bedtime and things were just too exciting.

We left Santa out his Mince pie, milk and a Chocolate and the reindeers were left a carrot.  We made some more reindeer food and sprinkled it over the path. 

Santa’s special key was left out and eventually the kids fell asleep later than usual ready for the big man to arrive.

Harry awoke first so I took him downstairs to avoid waking everyone else, whisked him past the tree and the presents and we watched TV until half hour later Emmy awoke shouting for Mummy.

We went back upstairs to discover Santa had been – he had left presents in the kids stockings and in the dogs!

Over excitement kicked in again – obviously as the first gifts unwrapped.  Santa gave Emmy a Hello Kitty watch, a selection box and some girly coloured cars.  Harry received a Bigjigs walking clown on a stick, a selection box and some new cars, and the dog every received his doggie selection box and new balls.

Downstairs for main presents and the kids couldn’t decide where to start.

Harry sat on wrapped boxes squealing with delight, Emmy opened whatever she could grab, paper was everywhere and chaos began.

However; I wouldn’t have it any other way!

They spent the next few hours playing with new toys, and I felt like I spent that amount of time putting the train track together again and again.

After breakfast, a quick shower and everyone got dressed and we went off to Nanny and Grandad’s for more fun.

I think for both of the children the biggest and most exciting thing was spending the day with their 6 month old cousin, Paul’s middle brother’s little boy.   Baby Jack has been talked about none stop ever since.

Getting Harry to sleep on Christmas evening was simple – he was shattered, Emmy on the other hand while shattered was still over excited so it took a while.

Boxing day was spent the same ay as every year – at Paul’s parents with all of the family.  Chaotic but fun.

Both children had a hale of a time but once again got over excited and VERY tired.  Emmy had a huge tantrum when leaving and now I’m glad the madness is over until next year.

Today we are spending the day on the sofa in our pj’s watching movies and we will not be leaving the house. 

The cleaning, tidying and toy sorting can wait – we are all too tired and normality needs to return to our house now for the sake of the children and for my sanity.

How was your Christmas?

6 thoughts on “Did you have a very Merry Christmas?

  1. Looks like you had a fab xmas. Ours was a little like that in terms of hectic, and we stayed in all day today playing with toys and sorting the bedroom out. Tomorrow may well be a PJ day

    1. We stayed in pj's today – it's just all too much for kids when they are little. I always feel really mean – it's like "Here are your presents and new toys, you can't play with them though as we are off out" It just seems mean.

      We plan to do the same all weekend too 🙂

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