Did you see the colourful Taxi around London yesterday?

I would love to know if any of you saw the Taxi driving around London yesterday covered in colourful Post-it Super Sticky Notes.

More importantly did any of you win a prize?

I don’t believe I did but hey ho.

Here are some of the pictures to show you what it looked like:

This Taxi as I previously mentioned was covered in Post-it Super Sticky Notes from 3M and on each Post-it not was the details of all who entered the competition over on the facebook page.

Doesn’t it look colourful?

I’m loving the symmetry of colours and wondering just how many hours that took to design and stick all those notes on? 

It looks like they help on well and only came off when picked to choose the winners.

If you won or saw it do let me know! I believe winners are yet to be announced so Good Luck if you had entered!

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