Didicar – Walk ‘n Ride or in Harry’s case run! – Review

Emmy had a few ride on toys from when she was small which we have kept for Harry and while he tries to ride on them, he can’t manage to move them yet without falling off – not surprising really as he is only 10 months old and not walking unaided yet and they tend to be on the heavier side.

Recently he received a Walk ‘n Ride from Didicar to try out and although it is aged from 12 months to 3 years he was keen to try it out straight away.

I didn’t for a minute think he would be ready for it just yet so Emmy showed him what to do, whizzing around the kitchen giggling and enjoying it.

This is a Walk ‘n Ride:

They are small and lightweight ride on walker toys which are the perfect height for early walkers, toddlers and then older children.  I found they work just as well with Harry as they do for Emmy.

There is a large handle for easy gripping and the rubberised caster wheels mean no slipping even on our tiled kitchen floor.  The wheels also rotate 360 degrees making twisting, turning and racing a doddle.

They come in 4 colour choices: Pink, Blue, Green & Purple.

Harry was sent the Purple one to try out – luckily he has no idea of colours just yet as this isn’t a colour I would have picked for him at all considering all his current toys have been past down from Emmy and are Pink or Purple – however he really doesn’t care which is the main thing!

To start with Harry was unsure and  little unsteady but that was about 5 weeks ago and with a little practice he has mastered this with ease and can now whizz around the kitchen just as fast as Emmy can.  He can change direction, turn corners and loves his Walk ‘n Ride.

Infact he loves this so much I have packed up and put away his walker which he loved to race around in and run our feet over with.  This is great as it is compact and takes up far less room.

He does still take a tumble every now and then and comes off – usually he keeps hold of the handles and takes the car with him however this is not a problem as it weighs so little.

He is a little video of Harry aged 10 months old having mastered his new favourite toy of choice – his Walk ‘n Ride:

I am still amazed at just how fast he is on this toy, he cruises the furniture very quickly however is still yet to take any unaided steps but on this he almost runs!

We love it and it is great for improving leg strength, spacial awareness, co-ordination and balance too.

These are priced at £39.95 and available from www.didicar.co.uk – keep an eye on the Facebook and Twitter pages too as they often have offer on these.  Currently these are 25% off on the website making them £29.95.

Disclaimer: We received this FOC for review purposes, all thoughts and opinions are my own unbiased.

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